Makeup: Reversed Smokey Eye Liner.

The reverse smokey eyes or eye liner makeup look is one easy, edgy way to play up the regular black eye liner application. I'm an eyeliner girl myself any day, any time. In fact, it's kind of 'signature' makeup look, so this smokey version is a great option for me to wear whenever i get bored with my normal application style.

I think I have had this ‘signature’ makeup look for so many years now, close to a decade maybe. I remember just always gravitating towards black eyeliner, bold, feathered brows and simple lips.
I might have some diversions now and again, with the occasional adventures with red or plum lips but on most given days, you’ll find me with this look.

By the way, a signature look is something I think every gown woman should try to cultivate if possible; in dressing as well as makeup and if you’re really bourgeois, you can even have a ‘signature scent’ or ‘type of scent’.
For one thing, the process of determining a signature look is one that will help you master your preferences, most flattering options, colors and even angles. The chances of wearing unflattering makeup or clothes are drastically reduced and if you’re pressed for time but still want to look good, you’ll be able to achieve the slay, which is a good thing.

Also, for makeup lovers or beauty bloggers like myself, the temptation to buy every product out there is real but having a signature look will help keep you streamlined, so that even if you do experiment with other looks, it won’t be because you are confused about what looks good on you. It’d just be for fun.
This post though, is inspired by the reversed smokey-eye liner trend. I’ve seen the look in some editorial works but I really fell in love with it on Kim Kardashian.
She's worn it a few times now and even though she doesn’t normally do heavy eyeliners, her makeup artist Mario really kills the look whenever she does. It’s definitely one of my best Kim K looks ever.
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For my version, i just adjusted my own 'signature' look by thickly lining my eyes with the Zaron gel liner in Jazz, smudged with a small brush and topped with the black powder of my Zaron brow definer and tonnes of mascara. 
Kim loves to contour and highlight, so i intensified mine more than i normally would. 
The nude lip is to keep the focus on the eyes and also serve as a nod to Kim, because we all know she loves her nudes (pun. pun. pun. Not initially intended but definitely welcome 😉).

All other products are same as usual, see the full list on previous posts like this nude, no-makeup makeup look here.
Also also also guys, I got a reflector and  I’m having so much fun experimenting with it in my portraits, can you tell? I like!

Peace & Happiness to you.

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