Trend Alert: Denim Mini Skirts, The 70's Comeback.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Redone Jean Miniskirt
The ever revolving doors of fashion and style is such a fascinating thing.
From its advent in the 1970s, born out of the trend to re-purpose denim trousers by smart, economical and fashion-forward women, to being at the height of popularity as THE teenage and agbogobia (Igbo word for 'young', mostly unmarried lady age range) style statement piece in the 90's, to the soft come-back in 2015 till now, the denim skirt has remained a welcome member of our collective sartorial family, along with other forms of denim pieces, of course.
The denim mini skirt in particular is one of the edgiest, sexiest pieces of denim clothing you can wear and they are becoming cool to wear again. It has enough structure to suck-in and hold-in your body in a way that's super flattering. 
I've been seeing quite a number of our fave style bloggers and celebrities rocking this trend and i can't wait to rock it. Or re-rock it because i used to wear this skirt quite a bit when i was much younger. It'd be interesting to see how it fits my body now what with all this my old age, belly fat and big bum-bum, we'll just have to see.
Now with trends, i always say to first look at your current closet and see if you can DIY or re-purpose items you already own. No need to rush out buying stuff just because it's in vogue at the moment. This come-back is another example of how fashion evolves and revolves, so it's best to be smart about spending on trends.
In the meantime, i did some virtual styling on Pinterest to play out some styling options for the denim mini.

Denim Skirts

The general versatility of denim also plays out with the mini skirt cuts. They can be paired with simple button-downs and flats like the outfit on the left or like the more feminine, dressier take on the right with the off-the-shoulder top and heels. Both version would be very easy to wear and flattering on most body shapes.
Image result for denim mini skirts 2017
Another fun thing to try with this trend is to merge it with another come-back trend like the embroidery and patch-work accent. It'll lend some modernity to the retro style.
Image result for beyonce denim skirt
Just in case the mini is too risque for you, feel free to go with a longer length as seen in the photo above. It's denim, after all, so you can do practically anything with it.

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