And year 2017 is half gone!

A lot has happened in recent times guys. So much. This Taking Stock is me practically forcing myself to pause and introspect, because it's important to take occasional meaningful pauses in this fast moving train called life.

Here goes - 
Feeling: accomplished because I finally moved into a new apartment. I still have some anxiety about my other goals that were supposed to have been ticked-off by now. So much more to be done. Thankful for a great breakthrough at work this month, I’d been on this task for months and I finally recorded success! yelelelelelel!! 
Thankful for healing. My father had a health issue earlier this month and it was contained and is currently being managed. I'm just very thankful more than anything else now.

Eating: bread after about a week. And rice too. I didn’t skip them on purpose, it just happened. My waistline has been happy but my brain’s been going crazy. Fixing this now. 
Also, with the move and stress, I’ve been eating very poorly. I plan to do better in the coming weeks and months.

Getting into: Plants and home décor. I mean I’ve always loved home décor but house plants are a new obsession. I actually now have three: An aloe vera, a peace lily and a snake plant. I’ve been doing tonnes and tonnes of research on how to care for them and of course, use them for decorations. I can’t wait to see how they do. Fingers crossed.

Following: a bunch of Hijabi beauties on Instagram. Some people are just so beautiful in this world god! 
@basma_k , @feeeya@nabilahkariem @sabinahannan @dinatokio and so many others. Those ladies are definitely among the most stylish people i've seen in this life. 
Actually, i think i follow a lot of awesome people on my Instagram, check out my handle @skynotfancy and follow me please.. *bobs eyebrows*

Watching: the Battleground & Jemeji series on Africa Magic nowadays. I’m getting on the train a little after the start (as usual) but if you like TV, check out these shows daily on Africa Magic showcase on DSTV channel 151, they’re really good. Another thing I’m watching now is Iron Rose on Telemundo. Lawd this drama. Ugh.
Are there any other series I should check out? Please put me on.

Struggling: with stagnancy and the worst case of inconsistency with my blog and social media. *sigh*. Jesus be an inspiration.

Wearing: my makeup differently these days. I changed up my eyebrow shape and I’ve started wearing a lot of clear lip-glosses, with the exception of my vampy-plum L.A Colors Liquid Lipstick. My face looks a little different and I like it. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Looking: forward to finishing with the arrangement and decoration of my house. I CANNOT WAIT. My Pinterest app is crying for a break at this point.

Needing: some new clothes. And new shoes. And a new scent. And some makeup. I hate spending money on anything other than food, so for me to be thinking of buying new stuff, you know it’s serious. 
Also, I think injecting some new stuff into my life will help re-inspire me to create. Don’t worry, I’m still a believer in minimalism, I have done a lot of cutting-down in the past months and with the move, so I have space in my life for some new stuff. I need tarty billion for the akant i ohhhh..🎶🎶

Thinking: of a lot of things right now, at the same time. Love, tattoos (I know I said I was stopping after the last time but…), money, travelling, goals, my family, work, so many things. 
My mind is a tangled, chaotic place right now and it’s exhausting.

Hoping: for timely resolutions of the issues in my mind.

Have yourself the best weekend ever.

Peace and happiness to you!


Taking Stock 13.

Hi guys!
Remember this L.A Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color that i reviewed in my last post? I knew it was going to be a favorite of mine and i was right!
While i'm still on the look-out for my dream red lipstick, this is my go-to 'glam' lip color for occasions when i want more punch to my makeup.
The vampy-plum shade and richness of this color is very bold and flattering that it can very well stand alone in case you wish to keep the rest of the face simple.
For this look, i paired it with a champagne-colored. satin eye-shadow and tonnes of highlighter.
Easy, flattering and glamorous is what i call it.
This last photo looks like one serious studio portrait abi? I like it 😊

Peace & Happiness to you.


Makeup: Champagne-Vamp.

Hey guys!
I’m clearly on a roll with the product reviews this week and I’m hoping that with these reviews, you can get to see new products that you might want to try for yourself. 
Also, in case these products are already in your consideration, you will be able to read my honest reviews and then make a more informed decision.
Also, also, also, I’m hoping that these open up collaboration opportunities for skynotfancy …😃

The L.A. Colors brand (not to be confused with the L.A. Girl Cosmetics brand) has been around for a while and I’ve used their eye-shadows and bronzers in the past but this is the first lip product I’m trying from them.
I got this it from the same store in Balogun market that I got my Nicka.K mascara. The shade I got is the CLG408 Danger and It’s a gorgeous, rich dark vamp reddish plum color.
The product comes in a strong clear Perspex tube, with a doe-foot tipped wand for easy and precise application.

My review:
The formulation is so good, you guys. It applies smooth and dries quickly with even, clump-free coverage. I usually get the coverage shown here with two coats of the product.
Guys, this shade is everythangg! It’s now my dress-up lip color that I wear on occasions that I want to be extra with my makeup.
There have been no cons for me with this product so I highly recommend it. 
The line has a lot of other colors that range from reds and pinks to nudes and one cool-toned shade, so i’m definitely going back to get more shades.
The best part? I bought it for JUST N1,500! Imagine!

Colour pay-off: 10/10
Application: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
Over-all experience: 9/10

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any Nigeria-based online retailers selling this so if you ever get to Unique Cosmetics in Tradefair market, Lagos or those makeup stores in Balogun market, Lagos Island, you can purchase it. 

Have a great weekend guys!
Peace & Happiness to you.


Review: L.A. Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color.

Hey guys!
I'm back with yet another product review and today, it's the Nicka.K Volume & Extension Mascara.
If you know me at all, you'll know that i love a well-lined eye and in my experience, nothing emphasizes your eyes better than well applied liner, topped with the appropriate, kick-ass mascara.
In fact, lined eyes without mascara seems incomplete for some reason. Like donuts without sugar sprinkled on it. Or like wearing lace aso-ebi without Gele.. it's just somehow.
Now i have been using the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara for years but once in a while i like to try other brands. Which leads me to this Nicka.K Volume & Extension Mascara.
I got it like three weeks ago, after spending hours researching and talking with a couple of cosmetics sellers in Balogun market.
I hadn't tried this product before and since I've been disappointed with many other mascaras that I've tried in the past, other than the Mary Kay Ultimate, I was skeptical.
The store had four different 'styles'/functions of this mascara range, so i chose this volume & extension one because it's what my lashes need.
Left: Without mascara || Right: With Mascara 
Left: Without mascara || Right: With Mascara 

My review-
This mascara comes in a colorful tube that is not exactly the prettiest but with cosmetics, it’s better to have a great product in a less-than-impressive container than the other way around.
The wand is slim and nice with full, tiny-spaced, flexible bristles that curve into your lash curl perfectly, coating your lashes with a good amount of mascara with every stroke, leaving you with properly defined lashes and good extension and volume. Nothing worse that big wands with huge, stiff bristles that can't get into the curves of your lashes.
The tip of the wand is not the pointiest, but a proficient mascara user like me can use it on the outer and lower lashes without staining the under-eye.
The formulation is great with a very rich color pay-off and great coverage, so that you get good, thick coating with very few strokes.
The only con to this product is that it doesn’t dry fast. You have to wait up to five minutes upwards for it to dry completely. I’ve had cases where my fingers or powder brushes come in contact with my lashes soon after applying this mascara and have gotten smudged and stained.
Other than this, it’s a great mascara that has become my second best after the Mary Kay Ultimate.

Volumizing: 7/10
Extension: 7/10
Overall experience: 8/10

I got the mascara from a cosmetics shop in Balogun market for N2,000 which is a steal for the quality of this level.

Just like I mentioned in my last product review, I’m in the mood to try new brands and products so if you have any faves or you happen to own/manage a brand that you want me to try, especially in makeup and skincare, share them in the comment section and/or email me (, pretty please...

Peace & happiness to you.


Review: Nicka.K Volume & Extension Mascara.

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