Makeup: Red Lips.

It is actually a huge oversight that i haven't done any red lips makeup look here yet, because i obsess over red lipstick and everyone around me knows it.
You might have seen me wearing the color in a good number of my selfies on Instagram but i've never done an actual makeup post with it. ugh.
Actually, i am currently on the hunt for a new red lipstick. i really want MAC's Ruby Woo, but i am currently poor so i am looking for the next best thing.
Coloured Raine's Cherry Blossom looks like a great option but i am open to suggestions of any other matte red lip color with similar deep/blue undertone as the Ruby Woo & Cherry Blossom. Help!
Anyway, here's this look i created, which i love.
With the red lips, i kept the rest of my face clean and simple with some dusting of gold eye-shadow and minimal highlight.
Zaron Cosmetics 'Stallion', 'Red Vines' Lip Pencils| Absolute Newyork Matte Stick 'Dark Red' Lipstick
On another note, i have been having the worst case of 'blogger block', so please if you have any ideas of looks and content, whether beauty or style related, that you want to suggest i do, please share them in the comment section, i will truly appreciate it.

Peace & Hapiness to you all.

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