Hi guys!
On this episode of the highly-gripping drama series; 'My Problem-skin Struggle'. Season 1986, episode 958104523, i will be reviewing and sharing my experience with the Kuddy Cosmetics Exfoliating Whitening Scrub.
I recently went hunting for a new exfoliating scrub as i had grown tired of the Black Opal one that i have used for years and i've been wanting to try something new.
Kuddy cosmetics is one of the best joints for a wide range of beauty and skin care products in the country, so as usual, i went there. Out of the wide range of scrubs they had, i picked up this exfoliating whitening scrub from their own brand; Kuddy Cosmetics.
I have used this scrub every other two to three days since then, with some lazy-no-use days in-between, so i thought to share my experience and results so far.

About my skin, my issues are largely broken in two; acne and hyper-pigmentation. Add my uber-oily, rough-textured skin and huge pores, then cry with me.

The Product-
Kuddy Cosmetics Exfoliating Whitening Scrub: To purify the skin and control blemishes.

My review-
This product gets an A+ for its purifying and buffing abilities. Your skin literally looks and feels smoothed out immediately after use. Almost like you're wearing a primer.
The scrub particles in it are tiny but very effective. It doesn't leave your skin dried-out like a lot of scrubs do, on the contrary, your skin is moisturized after use. The almond milk that's one of the key ingredients in the product is probably responsible for this.
The product smells great too, which is a plus.
As for blemish control and whitening, it hasn't done anything significant for me. Maybe it'll work better for someone with less problematic skin..
In summary, now my skin is a little smoother than before, i still have acne but my complexion is not so bad compared to before even though i'm not any significantly lighter.

Exfoliation/Smoothing: 9/10
Whitening: 1/10
Overall experience/rating: 6/10

I bought it for N2,000 (affordable, right?) and you can get it from any Kuddy Cosmetics outlet near you or from their website HERE.

Has anyone tried this product? What was your experience? What's your go to facial scrub, in case you have similar skin issues? I'm always open to trying effective skin care products so please recommendations are welcome. Hit me in the comments!

Peace & Hapiness to you


Review: Kuddy Cosmetics Exfoliating Whitening Scrub.

Hey guys!
Jeans are life, basically. 
Skinny, Mom, Boyfriend, Boot-cut, Ripped, Straight-cut, dark wash, light wash, whatever the cut, style or wash, I’m in.
Not only are jeans easy to wear and maintain, they are the most versatile type of clothing ever, the styling options are endless, even for the odd boxy Boyfriend jeans like the one I’m featuring today.
Now on a good day, a not-too-tight skinny jeans in a dark wash is my steez (except for this retro style bell-bottom ones), but sometimes, the tomboy in me loves to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans. 
If not for anything else, the relaxed fit gives you room to breathe and move, and they make the perfect edgy piece to add to your denim collection.
In this post, I’m wearing my one and only pair that I got from Mr. Price like two years ago (how have I not photographed it since???), styled with simple sandals and my DIY cold-shoulder t.shirt (see how I made it here).
The look is simple but edgy while showing some effort and making a casual style statement, know what I mean? 
 Also, even though thicker babes like us are advised to stay away from boxy cuts, I think with denim, you can get away with it, as opposed to other materials like polyester or heavy linens.
The trick is to think 'loose fit', not over-sized. The darker washes might also be a good idea if your derriere (remember I said 'Derriere' is my favorite word for the bum? Lol) and thighs are fuller.
I also advise that you keep the top as simple as possible, especially if your boyfriend jeans has some distress, which is why I went for a white t.shirt here.
Sometimes, I wear this jeans with simple black t.shirts and tanks to help streamline my upper body.
But who cares? Wear what you want hunnayy *in Nene’s voice*
What type of jeans do you like?
Peace & happiness to you.


Outfit: Boyfriend Jeans & Cold Shoulders.

It is actually a huge oversight that i haven't done any red lips makeup look here yet, because i obsess over red lipstick and everyone around me knows it.
You might have seen me wearing the color in a good number of my selfies on Instagram but i've never done an actual makeup post with it. ugh.
Actually, i am currently on the hunt for a new red lipstick. i really want MAC's Ruby Woo, but i am currently poor so i am looking for the next best thing.
Coloured Raine's Cherry Blossom looks like a great option but i am open to suggestions of any other matte red lip color with similar deep/blue undertone as the Ruby Woo & Cherry Blossom. Help!
Anyway, here's this look i created, which i love.
With the red lips, i kept the rest of my face clean and simple with some dusting of gold eye-shadow and minimal highlight.
Zaron Cosmetics 'Stallion', 'Red Vines' Lip Pencils| Absolute Newyork Matte Stick 'Dark Red' Lipstick
On another note, i have been having the worst case of 'blogger block', so please if you have any ideas of looks and content, whether beauty or style related, that you want to suggest i do, please share them in the comment section, i will truly appreciate it.

Peace & Hapiness to you all.


Makeup: Red Lips.

Hi guys!
I’m back with another DIY post and this one is pretty easy and super cool.
A cold-shoulder top or blouse is a simple, feminine, fun piece that can be rocked with anything from jeans to skirts and with these simple steps, you can have yours made in a sec.
Also, this is a great idea to re-use and maximize some tops or t-shirts you already own. 
As I am about that minimalist, frugal life, i find ways to switch-up and re-use clothes i already own, especially those that i don't wear so much, like this t.shirt that i used here. 
I got it a while ago from a thrift market and on getting home i saw that it was a little too big for me. I've worn it just once since then, so it was a great choice for this cold-shoulder DIY project. 👍

What you'll need:
  • A t.shirt (it's best to use a slightly over-sized or worn-loose one)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

  • With your pencil, starting from in inch out from the neck band towards the shoulder, mark a semi-circle or semi-sphere on the front-shoulder side of the shirt, depending on how deep in you want your shoulder cut to be. From the same starting point, draw a corresponding semi-circle/sphere on the back shoulder side of the shirt. 
  • Repeat the first step on the 2nd shoulder of the shirt.
  • With your scissors, cut out your drawn circles/spheres, careful to keep within your lines.
The finished results.

Just to make it neater, you can make a thin fold along your raw 'hem' and sew it down, if you want. I left mine raw.

I hope you liked this post, because i really enjoyed putting it together.
Please like, share and comment.
Also, if you have any style or beauty DIY ideas that you want to suggest that i try, let me know down in the comments. 

Peace & Happiness to you!


DIY: Cold-Shoulder T.Shirt.

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