The ‘no makeup’ or nude makeup look is a winner with a lot of people including myself for obvious reasons including ease of learning and application, less products required sometimes, looks effortless, enhances your natural beauty; making you look like you were born snatched, etc.
Kindly note that no-makeup makeup is NOT the same as nude makeup, but they are related, like sisters, like frittata and fiesta for the foodies 😁
See below:
Sonjdra Deluxe = No-makeup makeup| Kim K. = Nude makeup, Okay? K.

My last makeup post here was also a kind of nude, but on the heavy, smokey, sultry side. See it here.
Anyway this look is universally super-flattering for everyone and for every occasion so feel free to take a break from the colors.
Also, in case you're no 'MUA' or you're a little make-up skills or color-blending challenged, this is a nice option for you. With a little practice and basic products, you are good to go, just focus on getting your skin nice and even (not necessarily fully-covered), keep eyebrows and lashes groomed.
The idea is to keep your skin visible and your face even with no (obvious) colors.
This version here is actually more nude than no-makeup but i love it.
Maybelline FitMe Foundation| LA Girl 'Fawn' Pro Concealer| Black Opal Finishing Powder | Kudi Cosmetics HD Powder| Makeup Revolution 'Medium c04' Contour & Highlight Kit
Black Opal 'Sand' , '282' Eye-shadow| Random liquid liner| Mark Kay 'Ultimate' mascara | Davis '018' brow pencil
LA Girl '24 Brown' lip pencil| Jordana 'Sea Pearl' Lipstick
Do you like this look? or are you a colors girl?

Peace and happiness to you!


Makeup: Nude/'No Make-up'.

Hey guys! Hope you all are having the best Easter holiday.
Mine have been quite eventful and super busy, which is also why this post is coming later that i said it would on my Instagram.
Anyway, this easy black and white outfit is me to a tee; minimal, easy, white top, black jeans, simple sandals, right up my alley.

Basically, when in doubt, wear black and white!


Outfit: Easy Black & White.

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