This Taking Stock is different. I am in the mood to do it differently, so it is.
It's also because unless you are Man Repeller, it is kind of hard to inject think pieces into regular style and beauty posts, so i'll most likely do my 'think pieces' while 'taking stock', occasionally. Because i occasionally think.
The risk is that it might take out some of the spontaneity from the very essence of the TS idea, but i think i'll be fine.
I'm no James Altucher or J.K Rowling, so it won't get that deep or serious.
Freedom, especially creative freedom is one of my goals in life.

About a week ago I got to watch the award-winning Hidden Figures movie, featuring among others, three amazing, beautiful talents; Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and the utterly delightful Janelle Monae and let me tell you, that movie definitely took me through various feels including joy, pride, failure, inspiration and determination.

It also re-emphasized a key point for me. You know the saying about how some people are born great while some others achieve greatness? I re-learnt the meaning of it.

Catherine (Taraji’s character) was born great given her natural aptitude for numbers and she, of course, improved upon her greatness, even developing confidence to speak out and own her greatness, in spite of disadvantages at the time such as her race & gender.

Dorothy (Octavia) wasn’t like Catherine. She achieved greatness.
Her father taught her mechanics as a kid, she learnt more on her own and was proactive and smart enough to learn a new skill; coding, ahead of the curve. This pro-activeness helped put her ahead of her peers. Another remarkable thing here is how she pulled her team members along her upward journey. How are you pulling your people up? Are your people pulling you up? Are you learning anything new? How will you stay relevant in the next curve?
Mary Jackson was a feel-good feature for me. Her boldness, upbeat nature, pragmatic approach to things and her willingness to learn and change, doing what she has to do to get ahead, made me love her.
I must say that Janelle killed this role! Maybe it’s the musician/performer in her, I don’t know. She definitely held her own alongside the other two more decorated actors. She was also impressive through-out this past awards season, slaying the red carpets with her impeccable style and grace, fitting in seamlessly with the acting a-list sect. I can’t wait to see more of her.

Honorable mention goes to the boss man Al Harrison (Kevin Costner). His brash-y no-nonsense personality and general decency made me relate to him. I am a lot like that, I’m often told, except that i hardly ever chew gum.
His drive, leadership style and being able to look past non-issues and biases to focus on getting the job done by the best way possible was admirable. He believed in equality and fairness in an environment that was anything but, not being afraid to be a single force of change. I actually applauded when he knocked down the 'colored ladies only' bathroom sign. Correct guy!

i had mixed feelings about the ladies being referred to as 'computers'. Human beings being reduced to dispensable, inanimate objects, such an annoying derogatory thing.
On the other hand, i felt that maybe it was because the ladies were so smart, doing complicated sums with their heads and by hand, with skills and proficiency equal to a computer's.
I just felt somehow about the term, i don't know why.

On a lighter note, the ladies' curly hair-dos, afros, heels and red lipstick gave the style and beauty blogger in me such tingly pleasure. Red lips will never not be flattering on WOC.

Folks, for real, very few things are truly impossible in this life.
You can do anything, whether you are born with it or not. Almost everything can be learned and improved upon, at least to some capacity.
The movie drives that mindset for me right now, hence the feature.

On the side right now, i am:
Feeling: tired, overwhelmed and anxious but determined to take things easy. I am intentionally choosing to stay as calm and fluid as possible, no matter what comes.
Stressing: because I have to get a new apartment (again! ugh!). I got my current place less than a year ago but started experiencing flooding and wet wall problems just three months into my stay. Having to deal with the searching and agents and extra costs all over again is NOT pleasant at all.
Craving: cake. Fresh, soft, moist chocolate cake from either Cakes & Cream or Diva Cakes.
Looking: forward to finally getting and settling into a new apartment, preferably for a long time to come. Decorating is also a high-point I’m anticipating.
Making: plans for photo shoots and some side-jobs for this weekend. I want to go back into regular weekend hustle. I was doing this in my younger years but stopped when i got tired and tight with my 8-to-5. Body no be firewood but these times are tough..*sings ‘Oh I just can’t wait to be rich’*
Thanking: God for being alive. For my family. For my friends. They are alive and well, I am blessed.

This was long, right? I think so.

Peace & Happiness to you.


Taking Stock: 12. & Hidden Figures.

Hey guys! Long time no (style) post, hope y’all are great yeah? Ok.
Today’s post is a collective ode to the old. It features an old beloved vintage Chanel scarf, a retro style wide-bottom jeans and my good-old minimal, not fancy style.
The outfit further proves the following:

  1. Fashion is evolving and revolving, so enjoy it and don’t hold it too seriously. Everything passes and comes back.
  2. You don’t need new things to feel new/changed. Make do with whatever you do have, feeling different and refreshed starts from the mind.
  3. My derriere (I loooooooove this word. Butt is too ordinary 😁) is getting out of control, lawd..
  4. Etc.
Thanks to my babe Nse for the photos, God bless you.

Peace & happiness to you!


Outfit: Blue Retro Denim Chic.

Nude makeup has always been a go-o, favourite of mine since i started wearing makeup, you can even see the influence across a lot of  the looks that i've done here, like this one.
This particular look is a notch ‘nuder’ than normal though. It was heavily influenced by other amazing folks whose work I’ve been following; Tiyana Robinson & Mali Magic  for the makeup, Julia Kuzmenko and Krish for the photography/editing.
Now i am no way near the shadow of these people’s skill, of course, but that’s the entire point of inspiration, isn’t it? You see people who have mastered something you want to master and you try to do better and master the thing…
With this look, I went with a lighter-brown on my brows and smoked-out my eye-liner with a black eye-shadow, wrapping it up with strong contour & highlight and glossy lips. I felt odd without my usual cat-eyes but this smoked-out option is intense and sultry, so yeah.
Maybelline FitMe Foundation| LA Girl Pro Concealer| Black Opal Finishing Powder | Kudi Cosmetics HD Powder| Makeup Revolution 'Medium c04' Contour & Highlight Kit
Black Opal 'Sand' , '282' Eye-shadow| Zaron Cosmetics 'Defining Brow' powder (to line)| Random liquid liner| Mark Kay 'Ultimate' mascara| LA Girl '24 Brown' lip liner (on brows)
LA Girl '24 Brown' lip pencil| CoverGirl '976' Cream Lipstick

PS: Peep my short hair-style again. It's just so easy to wear when my hair is out, lol.

Peace & Happiness


MakeUp: Nude Sultry Brown.

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