DIY: Step-Hem Ripped Jeans.

Hey guys,
You know how I’ve been raving about step-hem/raw-hem jeans here on the blog and my Instagram (@skynotfancy))?
Well one style blogger I recently started following posted a DIY of the style and it seemed easy enough to do and interesting too, so I said to myself  “Why not?”
This is an easy way to revamp or restyle any old/under-utilized jeans you already own, no need to get a new pair and in my case, I had a pair of thrifted Levis that I got some time ago but have been unable to wear, so they made the perfect guinea pig for this DIY project.
Hacking I went!

What you need:
  • A pair of straight cut or loose-fitting jeans
  • Tape
  • Chalk/marker/pen/pencil
  • Needle or pin
  • Razor blade & Scissors
  • Press the legs of the jeans and place on a flat surface (I did mine on the floor)
  • Trim off the sewed hem of your jeans
  • Starting with one leg, with your tape, measure about 1.5 to 2 inches straight from the hem upwards.
  • Mark the 1.5 to 2 inch point with your chalk/marker/pen/pencil
Yyeeaah i used my eyebrow pencil because one must use what one has to do what one must do..😃
  • With your scissors, cut vertically from the hem up  to your marked point, starting from about one centimeter in from the side seams (see photo above).
  • Then cut across horizontally across the front of the jeans, also leaving one centimeter on the other end.
  • The last step is to take your needle, comb it through the naked hem of jeans, drawing out some ropes loose. The hem will loosen up more as you wear and wash the jeans
Follow the steps for the other leg.
I took it a step further and made little rips along both knees-
  • Wear the jeans and using your marker/pencil/chalk, note and mark where you want your rips to be along your knees and/or thighs.
  • Take off the jeans, lay it back on the flat surface and cut a small line along the mark you had made.
  • With your razor blade, cut a small line along your marked line where you're going to insert your scissors. 
  • Insert your scissors into the line you've cut and run it straight across your marked line, as wide as you like.
  • Lastly, using the same trick like with the hem, comb out the cut line with your needle, drawing out some threads.
That is it.
Watch out for a style post featuring this creation of mine.

So i enjoyed doing this and i think i might have a few more DIYs up my sleeves. 
I am also open to suggestions on what and what i should try for y'all, even for other posts here on the blog.
What kind of beauty and style posts do you like?
What would you like to see me post more of?
I will really appreciate any feedback i can get, so please help a sister 🙏

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