Cullotes have been one style item filed under 'NEVER' for me (along with with the fanny-pack-across-the-waist/chest thing that's been everywhere since the summer UGH) until now.

If you're anything above a size 6-8, then being careful about outfits that lack structure should be a familiar struggle. 
Even when i wear loose clothing, which i usually do, i tend to have them in clean, structured lines. So when culottes were the rave some two years ago or so, i totally ignored them. I wasn't about to add more undecided bulk to my derriere and thigh area, plus the awkward length can add to ones stumpiness if one is not careful.. No ma'am.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago when my friend gifted me these white pair. 
I pondered about it for a while, styled it in my head, added the accessories in my mind and thought that i should give it a shot. I could always take it off if it looks funny.

Here we are. I looked casually chic in it, the slightly-cropped top i decided to pair it with showed the tiniest amount of belly fat skin which made me very happy and feel sexy, my body doesn't look weird and the accessories worked! 
Now these culottes are one of my 'going out', special items, who'd have thunk it?

I am now on the hunt or a black pair (of course) and that's how i know i love it. Gotta have it in black.
Thanks Nse for the photos!

Moral of the story: Never say never. We should be less critical of ourselves/bodies and not be afraid to try new things. Except wearing a fanny pack under my breast. I'm not doing that.

Style tips: 
- Keep your top close-fitted to accentuate your midriff and create a balance between your upper body and the bulk below.
- Culottes go better with heels.
- White looks so expensive and chic with gold accessories.

What style item is a no-no-never for you? Have you tried anything new style wise? how did it go?


Style: Culottes.

2017 has been such a weird year for me. A total roller coaster, let me tell you.
I've decided to take stock and look at the year from the angle of lessons learned and insights gleaned, more than the actual events that took place.

These lessons are as follows:
Consistency - With my blog and social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook), i was not consistent, so i did not grow at all. It was a mixture of not planning content, generating and discarding content because i did not think they were good enough, being depressed for long periods, being physically ill a lot and just generally feeling demotivated. This has to change if i want to see any progress. 

Do and keep doing, don't wait for perfection - This is tied to my creative work and other things i was meant to do.

Be thankful and actively count your blessings - This is one of my new life's theme.

Keep your spirits up and find the light, especially when you're in a dark place. Staying demotivated and uninspired will keep you from moving forward.

Take care of your self. Fitness, food, emotions and the active pursuit of happiness.

Be intentional. With EVERYTHING. Awareness and laser focus are the ways to stay on track and succeed. This is my second life's theme.

Build valuable relationships. In my work life, i made tremendous progress with this, and with God's favor and through these contacts, i recorded unprecedented success. Like, God really blessed my work this year. I had loooooooooooong months of what felt like futility but in just these last few days of the year, God came through and showed out for me! Blessings that topped all that i've done throughout the year COMBINED, crowned with a promotion! Unbelievable!
In my social and personal life though, i did not grow in this area, so i'm hoping to make efforts in the coming months and years. You need people, good people. 

About being thankful, i especially thank God for blessing my family with my niece Coco this year. As i wrote when she came, she is the highlight of the year for me and i'm super thankful to God for that blessing.
Also, my friends are the best. Few as they are, i appreciate them. A couple of them even surprised me this year and i am so grateful.

Let me also encourage anyone who reads this, don't give up. On your self, your goals, life, on God (if you believe). Your life can change in a second, any second, so keep the faith. What choice do we really have anyway?.

We're all struggling out here, so don't let anything or anyone make you feel less than good about your self. 
Don't focus on the curated stuff you see on social media or with other people's lives and successes. Our journeys are different so you MUST focus on your own, find your purpose, find your lane and find your happy.

Remember also to CHOOSE YOURSELF as James Altucher would say, because you owe it yourself  and nobody can love you like you yourself (and God) can.

Whoosh! I know I don't usually do this heavy motivational stuff here but i was led to do it and i hope it helps in any way. I'm also talking to my self too because i need the encouragement, so we're all in this together, okay?

Happy holidays to you, be happy and thrive!

Taking Stock: 16. Thanksgiving.

Hey guys! Long time no skin care post, no review, no post at all, nothing.
Things have been very intense for me and not in a good way but I am back and this time it's with a review of the Bioderma White Objective Moussant Lightening Cleanser.
I got it some weeks ago from a Boots store in Dubai and have been using it religiously since then and let me tell you, my skin is so much better for it.
Bioderma is a French mid-level skin care brand that is known for their wide range of effective products for cleansing, treatment and maintenance of different skin types, covering lightening, sun protection and hydration functions. 
I have seen/heard about their products here and there but haven't gotten around using them until now.
I picked up the White Objective Moussant Lightening Cleanser because it is supposed to exfoliate the skin and even out spots and hyper-pigmentation, which is what my skin needs. 

It contains AHAs with tiny, fine micro-beads that help with the scrubbing and exfoliating, while the light, creamy, foamy paste does the rest. 
Also, the fragrance is light, slightly spicy and very pleasant, which i like.
The cleanser is to be used every other day with the option of using it as a mask about two times a week. A very versatile product, this cleanser.

In my experience, this is one of the best exfoliating cleansers that i've used and i have used quite a lot, thanks to my oily, acne-prone/problem skin. Ugh.
Unfortunately, it is quite very scarce here in Nigeria. I have searched for it on some online stores but no luck. The best bet would be to get it from abroad via Mall For Africa or any other means.

It's just been three weeks since i've been using this cleanser but its exfoliating and cleansing action is almost instant and the efficacy is noticeable, so i am quite impressed. 
The photo above is raw (without edit) and if you look closely, you'd see that my face and body are very close in complexion. It didn't use to be so. I've had a darker face and lighter body for such a long time and i'm very happy that my overall complexion is finally evening up. 
The cleanser also doesn't leave the skin dry after wash off, which is a plus, compared to my Kuddy Cosmetics Exfoliating Scrub which leaves some creamy residue on the skin after use. This Bioderma one just does its job and leaves the skin clean and free.

Cleansing/Exfoliation: 9/10
Lightening: 7/10
Overall experience/rating: 9/10

I hope it continues to improve my skin because i intend to stick with it for a while.

In case anyone knows where or how i can buy this product from here, please let me know in the comments. Hook your girl up, please.

Peace & Happiness.


Review: Bioderma White Objective Moussant Lightening Cleanser.

Related image
Walking into November (my birthday month) like...

Where has the year gone?! I vividly remember last December and here we are again, so soon!
I’m not complaining too much though, because this is my favorite part of the whole year. I just love the holidays and generally feel happier around these times.
AND AND AAAANNND (in Peter Mckinnon's voice)  it’s my birthday this month! *shoki emoji*

26th of November is my birthday and as usual, I’m beyond giddy and set to unleash all sorts of unruliness, so, to the people in my life, BRACE YOURSELVES.

One of such unruly behaviors is my beggi-beggi, also known as, my birthday wishlist.
I started this tradition a few years back and if you’ve been reading my blog for that long, you’d have seen my lists for the past couple of years or so (see the 2016 list here).
I usually just put up some stuff that I want that I am not/have not been able to get for myself, hoping that a genie or fairy or Jesus or someone will gift it to me.

Last year, I got one of the biggest surprises of my life when one kind stranger who I’m friends with on Facebook gave me the memory card I had asked for on my list, just like that!
I posted the list, shared it on my Facebook page and he messaged me that he wanted to gift me the memory card. We planned, met up in person and he gave me the card. A brand new Samsung Class-10 32GB memory card. I could not believe it.
It was the first time I was getting a gift like that, ever, and from a stranger too. God bless that gentleman.
Anyway, I’m back with another list this year. As you can see, I’m not greedy at all.
I've already been blessed with my new-born niece Coco this year, so all the things on this list are just additions that i also need and would be grateful to have.
The stuff here are things that I really really really (X 1000) want and need right now.
A couple of other things on my mind aren’t here because I have directly tasked the particular individuals that I want to get it from (-.-).. so, children of god, feel free to bless me with any of the items you see here. 

1. A camera tripod, because, my camera is just one table-shake away from falling and breaking. I'll just die.
2. Wristwatch(es). A black leather one and/or a gold chain one. Cluse and Daniel Wellington has amazing options. Any nice quality brand will do sha.
3. Nikon 18-140mm Zoom Lens. If there's one thing i'm in dire need of from the list, this is it. It's quite pricey, i know, but I. NEED. IT.
4. White sneakers. Any brand is fine. I wear size Euro 40/ UK 7/ US 9.
5. Money.
6. Some money.
7. Any amount of money.
8. Money.
9. A lot of money.
10. Tarty billion for the acant..

That's it for this year. Just a few small things here and there, nothing major ๐Ÿ˜‡.

Lastly, kindly also remember that money answereth all things, so all alerts are welcome..

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon, because like i said last year, if you spoil me on my birthday, will you die?? (I'm kidding. But give me my birthday present abeg).



2017 Birthday Wishlist.

Dainty, tiny, fair, beautiful hair, eyebrows like mine, a big nose, the light of all our lives, NOT A MORNING PERSON, likes food, baths and massages, likes her mama. That’s Coco, also known as Chloe Munachimso Obioha. 
My niece, my littlest, newest relative, my first child by way of my sister and my dearest love.

All children are a blessing but Coco being born to us is something more. I don’t even know how to express it.
She’s the first child of the new generation of my family and this year has been quite tough for my family, so, her coming is a really poignant point for us. A new thing to be thankful for. A sign that God has not forgotten us. That he is still listening to our prayers. That we should have hope of some happiness again.

I now understand that life is bigger than us. 
I now, more than before, believe that God is truly great and he is capable of blessing us in ways that can leave us deeply humble, totally thankful, wholly happy & joyful. Joy and love like we have never felt before.
It's as if some force has moved through every member of our family, filling us with new joy and energy. Maybe it's just the excitement of welcoming our Coco but we haven't had such a big joyous occasion in my family in a long time, so i thank God.

Coco was born on Sunday 15th October 2017. She came on time, without any long, painful, drawn-out labor or complications for the mama and our family.
All she does is eat (which is usually demanded for with some intense squeezing of her little face, followed by loud, screaming cry) and sleep with the regular brief intermissions for pooping and chilling.
She’s hardly ever just awake, not for more than three minutes anyway lol. She’s living my dream life basically.

In summary (because I am short of words these days), my family has been blessed beyond what we hoped for and we are grateful.
For me especially, I haven’t felt good for a long time now but meeting Coco this past weekend is the highlight of 2017 for me.

As I Take Stock of stuff right now, despite underlying feelings of sadness and demotivation, I feel grateful and blessed.

Important fact: Muna was the name I initially suggested to my sister months ago when we found out the sex of the baby. I’m ecstatic that they finally went with it.

Important fact 2: They decided on Chloe first (before the Igbo name Muna) and I started calling her Coco from the day she was born and now it's kind of stuck. I love the nickname. 
My parents are not crazy about the name, my pops gave her his own choice of an Igbo name, My brother-in-law’s mother gave her another Igbo name and my mother haven’t decided on what to call her. Such chaos. Lol.

Peace & Happiness to you!


Taking Stock: 15. Coco.

The reverse smokey eyes or eye liner makeup look is one easy, edgy way to play up the regular black eye liner application. I'm an eyeliner girl myself any day, any time. In fact, it's kind of 'signature' makeup look, so this smokey version is a great option for me to wear whenever i get bored with my normal application style.

I think I have had this ‘signature’ makeup look for so many years now, close to a decade maybe. I remember just always gravitating towards black eyeliner, bold, feathered brows and simple lips.
I might have some diversions now and again, with the occasional adventures with red or plum lips but on most given days, you’ll find me with this look.

By the way, a signature look is something I think every gown woman should try to cultivate if possible; in dressing as well as makeup and if you’re really bourgeois, you can even have a ‘signature scent’ or ‘type of scent’.
For one thing, the process of determining a signature look is one that will help you master your preferences, most flattering options, colors and even angles. The chances of wearing unflattering makeup or clothes are drastically reduced and if you’re pressed for time but still want to look good, you’ll be able to achieve the slay, which is a good thing.

Also, for makeup lovers or beauty bloggers like myself, the temptation to buy every product out there is real but having a signature look will help keep you streamlined, so that even if you do experiment with other looks, it won’t be because you are confused about what looks good on you. It’d just be for fun.
This post though, is inspired by the reversed smokey-eye liner trend. I’ve seen the look in some editorial works but I really fell in love with it on Kim Kardashian.
She's worn it a few times now and even though she doesn’t normally do heavy eyeliners, her makeup artist Mario really kills the look whenever she does. It’s definitely one of my best Kim K looks ever.
Rรฉsultat de recherche d'images pour "kim kardashian reverse smokey eye"
For my version, i just adjusted my own 'signature' look by thickly lining my eyes with the Zaron gel liner in Jazz, smudged with a small brush and topped with the black powder of my Zaron brow definer and tonnes of mascara. 
Kim loves to contour and highlight, so i intensified mine more than i normally would. 
The nude lip is to keep the focus on the eyes and also serve as a nod to Kim, because we all know she loves her nudes (pun. pun. pun. Not initially intended but definitely welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰).

All other products are same as usual, see the full list on previous posts like this nude, no-makeup makeup look here.
Also also also guys, I got a reflector and  I’m having so much fun experimenting with it in my portraits, can you tell? I like!

Peace & Happiness to you.


Makeup: Reversed Smokey Eye Liner.

Editorial makeup has been inspiring me a lot lately and so i created this bold red eyes and highlighted, nude lip look.
Maybe it’s due to our current deep saturation in all the high-fashion sentiments from Fashion Week; New York and now London, but I’ve fallen in love again with boldness in style and beauty.

Also, I just newly discovered a makeup artist/photographer via Instagram whose work I really like @danessa_myricks and she recently posted a look similar to this.
I gushed over it on my page (please follow me! @skynotfancy) .

Add this to the frenzy over the launch of my babe Rihanna’s new beauty line Fenty Beauty, specifically that show-stopping Trophy Wife highlighter, I couldn’t save myself from going all-out with this look.
These days, it’s not odd to see me with some bold shadow, no eye-liner (gasp!) and that is a big deal for me because i don't live without my eyeliner. I did define my eyes with some mascara and went sans lashes so that the bold red lid color can stand out more.
I intensified my high-wattage lip gloss with some highlighter from my cupid's bow down the center of my lips and deepened my contour.
It’s a total vibe now guys. At least for the moment.
Eyes: Black Opal matte brown shadow in crease || red blush on lids.
Lips: Milani nude gloss || Makeup Revolution contour & highlight palette. 
I really loved this look. Seeing my eyes without liner was strange but very editorial and edgy, which i like, so i'm doing more of it in the future.

Are y'all following all the Fashion Week festivities? I can't wait for the day when i afford to attend NYFW. I already know which shows i'll attend..

Peace & happiness to you!


Makeup: Editorial | Bold Red Eyes + Nude Highlighted Lips.

The ever rotating doors of fashion and style opens up and takes us back to whatever era or trend it likes and even the holy-grail of clothing; Denim is not exempted. We’re wearing Mom Jeans now for milk’s sakes!
We think our parents are not really cool but here we are wearing their style in all its high-waisted and bold nuances. Imagine. Are high platform shoes coming back (again) soon? Will we be doing black brows again? (I hope not). The continuous evolution and what it could potentially bring is such a fun part of our sartorial lives, isn’t it?
Now I think I’ve settled into my likes as far as style goes and my preferred cut with jeans is the slightly-loose skinny (aside from these boyfriend jeans). Then the mom jeans came back.
I like it. I wait, watch, contemplate, conceptualize and style it in my mind.
I think it’ll look good on me and I need such a piece in my closet, because not every time skinny jeans.
I purchased it. I wore it. I’m right, I love it!
Here it is -
With Mom jeans, they are best left to make a style statement, I believe.
So think of simple tops, fitted close around the torso to accentuate the mid region and give you a shape.
It’s a loose cut from the hips down so the wrong top or blouse will add bulk to the body frame. Unless you want to look like an uncool mom, it’s best to style it with some light, close-fitted top that will allow the jeans to be a focal point of your outfit.

Another point to note is the length. The most popular length for the mom jeans is the ankle-crop.
For this reason, the styling is even more important. Your midriff is a key area to hold in as this create an ‘allowance’ for the length to be cropped without making you look straight and stumpy.

The cropped length can work with some neutral footwear like a pair of sneakers as I did here or with some heels. Nothing too delicate in my opinion but wear what works for your body frame and legs.

By the way, these might look a lot like the boyfriend jeans and I’ve heard it being mistaken for the mom jeans but they’re quite very different.
The boyfriend jeans is very relaxed and slouchy from top to bottom while the mom jeans are higher waisted and fits much tighter around the waist and hips. I wore the boyfriend jeans some posts back, see it here. You see the difference in fit? Yeah.

Also, with the mom jeans, the back pockets are a little larger and longer, making your derriere look that way; longer and somewhat bigger.

I had to take mine in at the waist as I almost always do with most of my pants but it’s really my new fave jeans guys. I love it so much I even got it in another lighter wash.

What do you think? Are you liking the mom jeans or nah?

Peace & Happiness to you!


Style: Mom Jeans | How to Style It & A Casual Take.

So I changed foundations from the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation that I had reviewed and said to be good, to this Maybelline Super Stay 24h foundation, for no reason in particular other than plain boredom.

In fact, I usually get bored of foundations by the time I’m half way through the bottle.
Plus, as a half-decent beauty blogger, I truly believe that I should be open minded in trying out new products and brands, in order to gain first-hand experience about said products and of course, share my little recommendations and reviews, hoping that it can be of help to someone who is considering getting the product but needs some sort of testimonial.
Also, I really enjoy doing this and since I don’t receive any of these products for free (yet) and I am buying them with my money, why not spread out and explore new stuff every time I go shopping? Right?
Anyhoo, about this Maybelline Super Stay 24h flawless wear foundation, I got it from the Maybelline stand at the Ikeja City Mall in Alausa, Ikeja. They have a pop-up stand there where they showcase and sell a wide range of products from their brand.
You should check them out if you find yourself in that area.
I was torn between the Dream Mousse and this one but as i have used the Dream Mousse before and not this one, i decided to give it a shot.
They are in the same price range of N4,000 to N5,000 anyway so i was ok with my choice.
Bare face (sorry if my mug scares you...)
With foundation
I got it in the shade 64/Chestnut and as you can see it's a true match for my complexion as well as undertone.
I must say that the Maybelline people know their onions as far as foundations and powders for the wide spectrum of skin tones and skin types go. They practically have something for almost everyone. It's impressive.
This particular foundation is supposed to go on flawless, last for 24 hours, be breathable, non-transferring, have SPF 19 which is great and with a matte finish, so i judged it based on these criteria.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have another winner on our hands. My face here has just the foundation without any setting powder so it indeed has a matte finish, even though it is a little runny straight from the bottle, but it makes sense if you consider that the formula needs to light enough to pass through the pump easily.. so it's okay.
The pump is one huge advantage that this Super Stay 24h has over the Fit Me. The product is better protected from the elements, so there's a reduced risk of contamination and oxidation, unlike with the Fit Me that is open. Dispensing the product is very easy with the pump. Just a little press and the foundation comes out in small amounts. No excess stress for your fingers, no excess product coming out per pump.

Flawless: 8/10 (It goes on great and smooth. I'm just biased and comparing it to the Fit Me which has a little more 'flawlessness' for me).
Long lasting: 8/10 (it lasts through my work day but looks worn at the end. I don't wear it beyond eleven hours anyway, so i wouldn't know if it lasts for the claimed 24 hours).
Breathable: 10/10 (no caking here).
Non transferring: 3/10 (it stains my tissue paper and handkie when i blot during the day..).
Matte finish: 8/10 (it's very decently matte without any dryness or flaking but it's no match for the Dream Mousse, which is understandable, as they are different product made with different formulations).
Overall experience: 7/10.

Have you used this foundtion before? what was your experience with it? 
If there are any cool products that you recommend or suggest that i try and review, list them below in the comments please. x.

Peace & Happiness to you.


Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24h Foundation.

Hey guys!
I’m back with another product review and this time it’s this red beauty from the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color range.
In my last lip color review (the LA Colors matte liquid lip color here) and on my Instagram (@skynotfancy), I mentioned my continuous search for a good red lippy. Now my dream product would be the MAC Ruby Woo or Coloured Raine’s Cherry blossom, but since I’m still not yet rich, a cheaper alternative will have to do for now.
Enter the Jordana Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Cobbler.
I got it from one of my joints in Balogun market, Lagos Island. I actually went to get a Milani one but I met this Jordana version, swatched it in the store and was ok with the quality and shade. 
It’s a true red without any undertones but it works fine for my skin tone, plus, it was cheaper than Milani, so yeah.
As you can see, the product comes in a small perspex bottle with a doe-foot applicator. 
The formulation is a creamy liquid so it’s not too runny and not to thick either. On application to the lips, it’s light, soft and dries fast so you can’t dilly-dally. 
One key thing to note is that a single swipe gives only a medium coating so that’s good for when you want a light stain and bad if you want full thick coating with one swipe. This is easily fixed by topping one or two more coats and you have your full coverage.
The good news is that this product dries very smooth, light and flat whether you apply one coat or three coats. No bumpiness or flaking.
I applied two coatings for the coverage in this post, just to give you an idea.
One other thing to mention is the color payoff. This product is as true-to-shade as you can get. With a lot of matte liquid lip colors, you can get a darker shade on your lips as it dries but not this guy.

A con here is that when i eat heavily, the inner-lips wear off so i have to reapply some product to that area. Other that this, and for the price point, this product is marked good ๐Ÿ‘.
Color pay-off: 10/10
Application: 8/10
Durability: 7/10
Over all experience: 7/10

Have you tried this product? What was your experience with it?
Also, i'm open to trying out good affordable products that are available here in Nigeria so if you have any recommendations, please share them in the comments.

Peace & Happiness to you!


Review: Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color.

So my maman and sister came to visit me recently. 
My sister came in from out of town so I was super happy as it’d been a while since we’ve all been together like that. I knew there’d be gisting and laughter and planning, with a huge side of nagging from dear mother so I was ready.

This nagging, as usual, ranged from ‘ehen ebe a ka ebe ahu ibi bu mma’ [this apartment is better than where you were staying before] to my singleness. I mean it’s bad enough that I’m not married and my younger sister married before me but that I’m not even in a relationship AT ALL?!!!
*Insert high-pitched distressed barrage of prayers of deliverance for me, said in rhythmic Owerri dialect, with an igbo accent*.

I, as usual, laughed, rolled my eyes and made conciliatory but non-committal gestures and responses, secure in the knowledge that she’ll go back home in a short while and I’ll have my peace again soon enough.
One key part of the drama and the point of this Taking Stock post, was my maman’s perplexed inquiry about the minimalism of my lifestyle.
She asked: Where are the rest of your clothes, shoes and bags? Are these all you own/wear? Why haven’t you bought a sofa? Should I help you buy one small freezer? I know one importer near our house in Alaba who’ll sell it for a low price. What are all these plants doing in your house? There’s nothing someone will not see with you, etc, etc x 100, etc.

I’ve subconsciously always leaned to the simple and minimalist side all my life but it hadn’t been this intentional and clear before now, hence my mother asking this recently. 
Most people don't understand or relate to minimalism as a lifestyle, a mindset, so I got that if I tried to explain that having a lot of stuff literally gives my anxiety and the worst headaches, It'd be pointless.

I keep only one piece of most items and only replace them when they go bad because it’s easier, more peaceful, not to mention cheaper for me.

I hardly have to think for a few minutes to figure out my wardrobe for the week. I literally select and iron my work clothes for the entire week in less than thirty minutes. In the mornings, I practically sleep-dress because I am usually barely awake but I still end up neat and decent. I can’t imagine frantically searching for which shade of purple would go best for a particular trouser in the morning!

I love that my room is sparse and uncluttered. I’d go crazy if I had to maintain nine pairs of flats shoes for work. With one or two pairs, I only have to spend five minutes polishing it on the weekend and two minutes dusting it each morning.

As for electronics, if I had so much, I’d have to pay more for NEPA, deal with electricians and technicians to fix them when they go bad, look for space to keep them, worry about security. My heart is beating fast as I write this, it’s that bad.

My friends have different weaves both new and used while I keep only one or two at a time and discard/replace as I wear. Why? Do you know how much those things cost?! Do I look rich to you? Who will help me wash and condition them? Where will I keep them? How many heads do I have? Why do I need to buy one 12 inch weave and another 16 inch one? Can’t I buy the 16 inch one, wear it for a while and then cut it to 12 inches? So much headache.

I may seem crazy now but I’d have been in the mad house by now for sure if i didn't live this way.

The minimalism life chose me and I chose the minimalism life.

Outside of this, I feel:
Relieved: that I’m living exactly as I please, on my own terms. That I won’t be explaining this to anyone. At least not in detail and not in defense.

Thankful: for my family. Pops is recovering and my mother is well, so she has the strength to nag me. I’m expecting my first niece or nephew (yaaaaayyyyyy) and my sister is well and healthy, thanks to God.

Craving: Jollof rice and fried-in-pepper-sauce chicken so bad. It’s been on my mind for days now.

Drinking: zobo these days. One woman close to my office makes such good ones. It’s usually fresh, not too sweet and with enough ginger to pack a punch. She keeps them very chilled or even frozen, so I enjoy it every other day during lunch.

Enjoying: making some small change on the side. At least, I’m able to splurge on correct soups stews.. #foodieunited .

Planning: to get back into the gym and whipping myself back into shape. I’m so unfit now it’s ridiculous.

Reading: through my goals for the year. I must say I’m not pleased with my progress, compared to last year and what I had planned for this year. Let’s see what happens with the rest of the year. I pray I do better.

Wanting: to take a photography and retouching course from one of the good photographers we have here. Either Anny Robert, Prince Meyson or Emmanuel Oyeleke. I love their work. 
Krish Photos and Orinary are not in Nigeria but i loooove their work too.

Saving: for a zoom lens. I only have a 50mm but i realize that i need a zoom lens. Yoo! Nikon lenses are hella expensive my gawd. I'm even thinking of switching to Canon because their lenses are significantly cheaper. *sigh*. 
Does anyone have or know anyone with a used Nikkor zoom lens that they want to sell/give out? Please help a sister.

This is it for now. Hope you guys are well and thriving. 

Peace & Happiness to you.


Taking Stock: 14. Minimalism & I.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Redone Jean Miniskirt
The ever revolving doors of fashion and style is such a fascinating thing.
From its advent in the 1970s, born out of the trend to re-purpose denim trousers by smart, economical and fashion-forward women, to being at the height of popularity as THE teenage and agbogobia (Igbo word for 'young', mostly unmarried lady age range) style statement piece in the 90's, to the soft come-back in 2015 till now, the denim skirt has remained a welcome member of our collective sartorial family, along with other forms of denim pieces, of course.
The denim mini skirt in particular is one of the edgiest, sexiest pieces of denim clothing you can wear and they are becoming cool to wear again. It has enough structure to suck-in and hold-in your body in a way that's super flattering. 
I've been seeing quite a number of our fave style bloggers and celebrities rocking this trend and i can't wait to rock it. Or re-rock it because i used to wear this skirt quite a bit when i was much younger. It'd be interesting to see how it fits my body now what with all this my old age, belly fat and big bum-bum, we'll just have to see.
Now with trends, i always say to first look at your current closet and see if you can DIY or re-purpose items you already own. No need to rush out buying stuff just because it's in vogue at the moment. This come-back is another example of how fashion evolves and revolves, so it's best to be smart about spending on trends.
In the meantime, i did some virtual styling on Pinterest to play out some styling options for the denim mini.

Denim Skirts

The general versatility of denim also plays out with the mini skirt cuts. They can be paired with simple button-downs and flats like the outfit on the left or like the more feminine, dressier take on the right with the off-the-shoulder top and heels. Both version would be very easy to wear and flattering on most body shapes.
Image result for denim mini skirts 2017
Another fun thing to try with this trend is to merge it with another come-back trend like the embroidery and patch-work accent. It'll lend some modernity to the retro style.
Image result for beyonce denim skirt
Just in case the mini is too risque for you, feel free to go with a longer length as seen in the photo above. It's denim, after all, so you can do practically anything with it.

Photos via Google


Trend Alert: Denim Mini Skirts, The 70's Comeback.

And year 2017 is half gone!

A lot has happened in recent times guys. So much. This Taking Stock is me practically forcing myself to pause and introspect, because it's important to take occasional meaningful pauses in this fast moving train called life.

Here goes - 
Feeling: accomplished because I finally moved into a new apartment. I still have some anxiety about my other goals that were supposed to have been ticked-off by now. So much more to be done. Thankful for a great breakthrough at work this month, I’d been on this task for months and I finally recorded success! yelelelelelel!! 
Thankful for healing. My father had a health issue earlier this month and it was contained and is currently being managed. I'm just very thankful more than anything else now.

Eating: bread after about a week. And rice too. I didn’t skip them on purpose, it just happened. My waistline has been happy but my brain’s been going crazy. Fixing this now. 
Also, with the move and stress, I’ve been eating very poorly. I plan to do better in the coming weeks and months.

Getting into: Plants and home dรฉcor. I mean I’ve always loved home dรฉcor but house plants are a new obsession. I actually now have three: An aloe vera, a peace lily and a snake plant. I’ve been doing tonnes and tonnes of research on how to care for them and of course, use them for decorations. I can’t wait to see how they do. Fingers crossed.

Following: a bunch of Hijabi beauties on Instagram. Some people are just so beautiful in this world god! 
@basma_k , @feeeya@nabilahkariem @sabinahannan @dinatokio and so many others. Those ladies are definitely among the most stylish people i've seen in this life. 
Actually, i think i follow a lot of awesome people on my Instagram, check out my handle @skynotfancy and follow me please.. *bobs eyebrows*

Watching: the Battleground & Jemeji series on Africa Magic nowadays. I’m getting on the train a little after the start (as usual) but if you like TV, check out these shows daily on Africa Magic showcase on DSTV channel 151, they’re really good. Another thing I’m watching now is Iron Rose on Telemundo. Lawd this drama. Ugh.
Are there any other series I should check out? Please put me on.

Struggling: with stagnancy and the worst case of inconsistency with my blog and social media. *sigh*. Jesus be an inspiration.

Wearing: my makeup differently these days. I changed up my eyebrow shape and I’ve started wearing a lot of clear lip-glosses, with the exception of my vampy-plum L.A Colors Liquid Lipstick. My face looks a little different and I like it. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Looking: forward to finishing with the arrangement and decoration of my house. I CANNOT WAIT. My Pinterest app is crying for a break at this point.

Needing: some new clothes. And new shoes. And a new scent. And some makeup. I hate spending money on anything other than food, so for me to be thinking of buying new stuff, you know it’s serious. 
Also, I think injecting some new stuff into my life will help re-inspire me to create. Don’t worry, I’m still a believer in minimalism, I have done a lot of cutting-down in the past months and with the move, so I have space in my life for some new stuff. I need tarty billion for the akant i ohhhh..๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

Thinking: of a lot of things right now, at the same time. Love, tattoos (I know I said I was stopping after the last time but…), money, travelling, goals, my family, work, so many things. 
My mind is a tangled, chaotic place right now and it’s exhausting.

Hoping: for timely resolutions of the issues in my mind.

Have yourself the best weekend ever.

Peace and happiness to you!


Taking Stock 13.

Hi guys!
Remember this L.A Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color that i reviewed in my last post? I knew it was going to be a favorite of mine and i was right!
While i'm still on the look-out for my dream red lipstick, this is my go-to 'glam' lip color for occasions when i want more punch to my makeup.
The vampy-plum shade and richness of this color is very bold and flattering that it can very well stand alone in case you wish to keep the rest of the face simple.
For this look, i paired it with a champagne-colored. satin eye-shadow and tonnes of highlighter.
Easy, flattering and glamorous is what i call it.
This last photo looks like one serious studio portrait abi? I like it ๐Ÿ˜Š

Peace & Happiness to you.


Makeup: Champagne-Vamp.

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