2016 notes: Blessings & Lessons.

So it’s the last day of 2016, not just to add my voice to the noise but i must say that this year has been a significant one for me in more ways than i planned or hoped for at the beginning.
I’m not one for regrets or dragged-out intro/retrospection. I find it exhausting and unproductive. I believe in analyzing, learning the relevant lessons and moving forward.
It’s very important to keep moving.

I mentioned some post ago that i achieved a great deal of my goals for this year, which is more than i can say for the past few years before this one and i feel really thankful and blessed for how it went down, and determined to do better going forward.
One key blessing for me this year is clarity about my life path and purpose that God revealed to me. A lit path and a clear sense of direction make even the longest journey easier to walk, so i’m more optimistic about the future than i’ve been in a long while.

I also gained new skills and wisdom, for this i’m very grateful.

Another major blessing for me is my family being alive and well. I’m ending the year with all of them complete and even gained a new brother-in-law as my younger sister got married days ago 🙌
We traveled to the village days ago to visit extended family and for my sister’s traditional marriage. There i was able to visit my grandma after like over a year and it made us both incredibly happy. I showed a few photos of this on my Instagram @skynotfancy.
She happened to not have any photos of herself at home, so i got around to photographing her some.
Let me tell you, during the session, i wept inside. I cried because i love her and aspire to be as good a Christian as she is. I tell everyone i know that she’s the best Christian i know. Her life is all about peace with her fellow man, truth, prayer and worship of God.
Also, she’s 90 years old, so i’m more aware of her limited time with us, so i was also crying in gratefulness for still being able to see her.
Being able to take photos of her with my camera also made me emotional. When i unknowingly casually picked up photography earlier this year, i didn’t know that it will lead me to that point of importance in my family. I look like her a lot, so it was like i was seeing how i will most likely look when i’m her age lol. My mother asked me to frame one of the photos i took, in case we don’t have another chance to take other photos of her.
I told myself at that moment that i will do greater work with the camera in my hands and the brain in my head.

On lessons, we had read Habakkuk 2:2-4 a few times last year in church, and i happened to re-read the verses around this time that last year and decided to do as the verses say.
I literally wrote down my goals for this year with pen and paper. It was the first time i had seriously written down my goals like that.
I followed it up with intentional prayers and guided work and it worked in my life!
So, here's to giving thanks to God for my life this year and the belief that 2017, even as it is already looking tight and burdened with big goals and responsibilities, will be a year that will result in fulfilled purposes and unprecedented success.

Happy New Year guys. Cheers!

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