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Hey guys!
Today i'm doing the 20 questions Tag
I enjoy reading them or watching them on YouTube and I think they are a great, lighthearted way to share yourself and connect with  readers as well as other bloggers.
Also if you are a blogger/YouTuber and are stuck for content ideas, there are lots of tags that you can do to keep your flow.
I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this, i basically just chose to do it because i felt like it would be fun and easy. 
I'm tagging all bloggers who read this, y'all know how it goes.
Anyway i hope you enjoy it, here goes:

1. Thing(s) you cannot leave the house without?
My wallet and Phone, because, reasons.

2. Nickname only my family calls me?
Chichi. and i HATE it when non-family members call me that. HATE IT.

3. Favorite food?
Akpu and bitter-leaf soup. Slurrrrrp. It has to be made with actual palm kernel extract and cocoyam, NOT red oil and achi. 

4. Favorite Movie?
Too many to count... South Paw, Focus, Fast & Furious (all of them), Devil Wears Prada, Olympus Has Fallen, Jack Reacher (because i read/love the books), Iris (Korean Action. bad-ass), phwew! Like i said, too many to count.

5. Favorite TV Series?
Unequivocally 'AMC's  The Walking Dead'. I like 'Black List' and some other K-Dramas too.

6. Favourite actor/musician/celebrity?
So many: Emma Stone 'cos she's odd in a great way, John Malkovich for his acting and diction, Leo Dicaprio 'cos he's a beast on screen, Melissa McCarthy, Voila Davis because duh, Jake Gyllenhaal because he's a freaking god of acting, DID YOU SEE SOUTH PAW?! , S.A's Hlomla Dandala and some others .
For music; John Legend, Tuface, Sia, Rihanna, Travis Green, Donnie McClurkin, Enya, Yanni, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Lady Gaga. When i want Naija dancing songs; Davido, Wizkid, Phyno.

7. Writer/Books?
Lee Child for Crime fiction, Judith McNaught for romance fiction.

8. Fave clothing stores?
Balogun market 😄

9. Fave perfume?
So far, Bvlgari (original).

10. Heels or flats?

11. One clothing item to wear for the rest of your life?
Black slim cotton pants. I want to say jeans but you can't wear jeans for too long before it starts burning your skin, so cotton pants.

12. Wine or Juice?
Juice please. Chivita Active in particular.

13. Weird habit of yours?
I have to rock my legs for few minutes to fall asleep. lol.

14. What's your fave moisturizer?
Pears baby lotion or Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion mixed with Coconut Oil.

15. Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yes. Soon, even.

16. Biggest pet peeve(s)?
When people don't pick up their calls or return your missed calls.

17. Most disgusting thing ever?
Sharing a bike with a strange man and getting dry-humped on our journey. I'll tell this story here one day, but ewwwwww!!

18. Any phobias?
Snakes! ugh

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
Yes oh. I once entered a car of 419 (fraudsters) people. God saved me that day.

20. Money or Love?
Love. You can always make money.

Well, that was fun, hope you learnt something new about me.

Let me ask you; What's you favorite movie and What is the most disgusting thing ever for you? Please please please tell me in the comment section. x.

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