Taking Stock: 09.

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Making: headway with my budgeting and saving as i hoped i would in my last Taking Stock.
Eating: Bananas.
Reading: some news on ThisDay and posts on Man Repeller. 
Wanting: to eat the jollof rice and goat meat i spoke about in my last TS post.
Looking: forward to the weekend, gosh i can't wait.
Deciding: about a couple of short term projects to do before this year ends.
Wishing: for a leaner, healthier body by the time i finish this diet that i've just started.
Enjoying: my new 50mm lens. Yep, i got it!
Waiting: for love to find me and for next year too. 2016 please come and be going. 
Considering: Moving to another country for a while, maybe. Just playing with the idea for now.
Hoping: for a peaceful, happy and productive end of the year.
Marveling: at Jordan Smith's voice. I've been re-watching his performances on his 'The Voice' season and i get goose bumps every time. That guy is gifted.
Needing: to lose weight ASAP. I'm pissed-off at my body right now. 
Smelling: Bournvita from a near-by Cadbury factory.
Wearing: short hair which i now dislike and my black pumps which i love but have had enough of.
Following: MikutasPrince Meyson and Petra Mack on Instagram. The beauty!
Thinking: about money, what else?
Admiring: some photos on Unsplash. Some photographers can make magic abeg.
Giggling: no. We don't giggle.
Feeling: bored. Anxious, like my life is going to change in a major way soon. I don't know what this feeling is about. hmn.
Thanking: God for my family and friends. 
It just occurred to me that i have acquired almost all the things i set out to acquire at the beginning of the year. 
It didn't feel like it, but i've actually made progress on my 2016 goals. Job, apartment, social life, Phone, camera lens, finances (somewhat).. these things got changed/upgraded/acquired this year.
See, this Taking Stock thing is not just a blog-post idea (that can become boring and tedious to some people). If you do it only at intervals when you feel like there's been some movement in your life, then it makes better sense and can indeed help you realize your progress or regress as time passes.
I've moaned about my life a lot this year but when i was writing this post, i happened upon the thought that i have made some progress, which then led me to list the things i mentioned above. 
Literally, counting my blessings.


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