It’s that time of the year again! My favorite time of the year; The Time Before My Birthday! whooo!

It is two days less than a month to my birthday (Nov. 26th) and this is when I go haywire with dreaming of my coming birthday, wish for tonnes of stuff, disturbing God, my family and friends with what I want to do on that day, what I want to get from them, etc. Just making a huge fuss and going nuts.


2016 Birthday Wish-List, If You Love Me.

Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
So… I know, I should go get an official LASTMA badge, because I must be the last person on earth to start wearing the oh-so-wonderful off-the-shoulders style style.
In my defense, I have really broad shoulders, so wide necklines are not usually my friend, as they generally make my upper chest area seem extra wide, Like a 10-lane express way. So I’ve just loved these off-the-shoulders items from a distance.
Then the strangest thing happened. I bought this fabric at Balogun market because I wanted some small stripped shift blouse and thought the fabric will do. I go to the tailor’s place and start to scroll through my phone’s massive screen shot folder to show her the style I want (Guys, who else has like one billion screen shot photos on their phone?! Mine is ridiculous!), and I happened upon a photo by the lovely Geneva of A Pair & A Spare. She’s one of my faves and she has some amazing off-the-shoulder pieces that she’s either bought or sewn featured on her blog, so I just knew I was going to go for it, mile-wide shoulders notwithstanding.


Outfit: Off-The-Shoulders Stripes.

 Hey guys!
Long time no beauty post. So, here’s one about another one of my favorite day-time glam look. 
As per my style, the look is minimal but subtly glowy and really pretty.
It’s basically a neutral eye jazzed-up with some gold eye-shadow near the lashes, paired with a light plum/berry lip that i achieved mostly with my beloved Zaron Cosmetics 'Stallion' lip liner .
This look is soft, super easy and suits practically everyone, you can try it.
I went sans lashes because the look is for day time, plus I don’t particularly love those things, so if I don’t have to, I don’t wear them.
Mary Kay Foundation| LA Girl Pro Concealer| Black Opal Finishing Powder | Kudi Cosmetics HD Powder
Black Opal 'Sand' , 'Gold' eye-shadow & 'Peach Tree' blush| Zaron Cosmetics 'Jazz' gel liner| Random liquid liner| Mark Kay 'Ultimate' mascara| Davis brow pencil
Zaron Cosmetics 'Stallion' lip pencil| Jordana 'Berry' Lipstick
Guys, i am proud to report that i am indeed getting better with my photography and editing skills, bit by bit!
I shot these photos in my room, with natural from my windows and one energy-saving bulb. 
I also edited them using the Frequency Separation technique that i am learning right now. 
It's far from perfect, but i see some improvement, which makes me very very happy.

so, you like? What's your favorite makeup look?


MakeUp: Berry Lips, Soft Face.

Photo via Unsplash
Making: headway with my budgeting and saving as i hoped i would in my last Taking Stock.
Eating: Bananas.
Reading: some news on ThisDay and posts on Man Repeller. 
Wanting: to eat the jollof rice and goat meat i spoke about in my last TS post.


Taking Stock: 09.

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