Outfit: Denim & Ankara Mix.

Hey guys!
Mixing and matching not only prints but textures and fabric is one sure way to maximize your current wardrobe, while making a bold style statement.
I had seen some styling in the past done with Ankara and western pieces that i really liked so i tried a lil' something with an old wrapper of mine mixed with one of my denim shirts, because, what's cooler than denim? nothing.
I already posted a teaser of this look on my Instagram @skynotfancy (follow meee), so here's the whole pie..

Was trying some tricks on Photoshop and i like my face here, so..
Close-up of my makeup. 
Nothing fancy but i particularly like the yellow shadow near the lash-line. It's a subtle way to wear color on your eyes without being too much. Plus, i've changed my brow shape and angle, i'm actually gunning for the straight-upwards Asian-model high-fashion type eyebrows.. somebody stop me!! lol.

I also photographed myself in my horribly-lit apartment and i'm quite pleased with how the photos turned out.
Moral of the story, do what you can with what you have, you never know what you'll accomplish.

On a last note, TGIF!

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