The Grey Edit.

You know how i love minimalism, i also now love monochromatic style too.
Monochrome might seem like an un-cool/matchy-matchy thing, but if done right, it's not.
Wearing a single color from head to toe is neat and known to be slimming too, as it visually keeps the body in a single compact line, like a straight, lean stick of Supreme chocolate-coated ice-cream. Maybe not ice-cream, in case that is not your thing (but why won't chocolatey ice-cream be your thing?! are you not human?!), but you get the point..
Also, if you are like me and have dreams of developing a personal style 'uniform', this is definitely one way to go; streamlining your wardrobe pieces to some particular hues only.

(segue, stick with me please)
'Uniform' in personal style has nothing to do with your haunting Secondary School memories and everything to do with having a signature look.


Style Inspiration: The Grey Monochrome Uniform.

Little Red Dress And Zebra Print outfit style
This is not my real face..
First of all, i have a red dress, my very first, i think, which is kind of a big deal for me, being President of the Black Outfit Forever Council, Lagos chapter.
Secondly, i was slightly faux-insulted when my friends saw me in this outfit and went oohing and ah-ahn-ing over how decent i looked. 
Guys, it's 'see finish' that has caused this, because i know that i look 'decent' most of the time. Anyway they say that a prophet is not valued in his hometown, so, wha-evurr.


Outfit: Little Red Dress & The Zebra.

Hey guys!
Mixing and matching not only prints but textures and fabric is one sure way to maximize your current wardrobe, while making a bold style statement.
I had seen some styling in the past done with Ankara and western pieces that i really liked so i tried a lil' something with an old wrapper of mine mixed with one of my denim shirts, because, what's cooler than denim? nothing.
I already posted a teaser of this look on my Instagram @skynotfancy (follow meee), so here's the whole pie..


Outfit: Denim & Ankara Mix.

                                                                      Photo via Unsplash
Making: plans, plans and more plans, for the end of the year and next year.
Cooking: nothing at the moment. Let me rest from dishes, remember i mentioned how much i hate washing them in my last Taking Stock post .
Eating: guavas right now. Long time, no eat!


Taking Stock: 08.

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