Outfit: The Shift Dress For Easy, Chic Style.

Hi guys!
So today i'm all about this gem of a thing: the Shift Dress.
Easy, versatile, stylish, free so you don't have to 'suck belle' and watch what you eat and suits practically every body type. Genius, right? I know.
For the longest time, i just admired them from a distance, making a mental note to buy or sew (they are seriously easy to sew) some, but never got around to get it, i don't know why.
Anyway, i have sewn one now and i love wearing it.
 I used a bronze-colored satin fabric i bought from Balogun market ages ago and the dress is actually one of my fave things to wear now (besides my boyfriend jeans, and black jeans, and black cigarette pants, and all my other black clothes).

I don't know if it's the color or length (short and subtly naughty), but i feel quite sexy (i don't really use this word in reference to myself) whenever i wear it. Win.
Bronze color on dark skin is so yummy, you guys! get some, get some..
I also laid out some other options via Polyvore, so check it for some inspo!
Shift-dress for different occasions
Do y'all love shift dresses as much as i do?


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