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Hey guys, just a quick post here.
I LOVE photography. I'm far from good at it, but i am ready and very willing to learn and improve my skills.
As i don't have tons of money to fork over for a formal training, i have been going at it from the route of reading, researching and practicing on my own.
Fashion, beauty, and travel photography are some of the areas that interest me, so i have started practicing on my colleagues, friends (yes, i'm quite the Instagram Husband to people around me) and a couple of bloggers Nse and Cassie Daves.
I also shoot and edit all of my beauty posts here.
Now i am looking to shoot any style/beauty bloggers who might be interested, FREE OF CHARGE. Yes, free.
I am based in Lagos mainland, but anywhere in Lagos is okay. I have a full-time job, so it has to be on weekends and public holidays only.
I will also be editing the photos, so you'll get finished work.
Here are some of my photos so far (Please don't laugh oh, I've already said i am pre-amateur..)


Free Blog Photography.

I AM OBSESSED with Instagram, no shame. I spend uncountable hours on that app, just od'ing on the millions of great photos and carefully created content about things like style, beauty, food, humor, travel, etc. 
If it looks good, inspires me and/or make me laugh, i'm right there!
Of the over-200 accounts i follow (it's small i know), a few of them never fail to hit me hard with their creative punches and beauty.
Ladies and gentlemen, without any ado and in no particular order, here are my current favourites - 
Because she seems like a self-aware and self-possessed person. Plus she's hot and has the best hair, travels and takes the coolest photos!


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