Taking Stock: 05.

Makingnew outfits still. I told y'all i have quite a number of fabric...
Cooking: Potatoes. They are quite underrated,  i think.
Eating: late dinners these days. I have the big tummy and blotchy skin as evidence.
Reading: more blogs.
Wanting: to get a 50mm lens ASAP. And a new phone maybe.
Looking: forward to finally getting some off time.
Deciding: to start exercising again. Not waiting to re-register at the gym, but doing small bits everyday in my room.
Wishingi can get back on my fitness track, still.
Enjoying: a newly-discovered peppermint green tea brand.
Waiting: for this horrible hot weather to calm the eff down! jeez.
Consideringthe idea of probably getting my second and last (for real, LAST) ink...still.
Hopingthat i meet up with the deadlines i have.
Marveling: at the resilience of the people of Lagos.
Cringing: at nothing. Thank God.
Needing: A break and a massage. Still. 
Questioning: my career path. Why am i here?
Smelling: Rihanna's 'Nude' fragrance. Got it now and i'm slightly less in love. shit happens.
Wearing: figure-hugging clothes  more often now. Might as well embrace the baady while it's still here.
Following Lulumawolf and Spirited Pursuit on Instagram. Hearts.
Thinking: about going to the beach soon. This weekend maybe.
Admiring: travel photos and black & white portraits on Unsplash.
CovetingMonica Awe-Etuk's wardrobe. 
Giggling: at my BBM chats with a new friend. 
Feeling: like i'm way behind in achieving my goals for this year
Snacking: on groundnuts.
Helping: out with the magazine project i spoke about the last time. 
Thanking: God for life.

Side note: I feel like i didn't make a lot of progress last month, but not 'taking stock' of our lives as often as we can is risky. Time flies and before you know it, you go through the motions of everyday living without organised thought and registered progress, You know what i mean?
Also, when they say "count your blessings", it's actually for our own good. In the midst of all the worries, it's so easy to forget the good..

Light and Love to you and yours. xx.


  1. On exercising : I have decided to do the tiny tiny bits in my self apartment. Just a 5-minute workout and I am losing some more calories.

    I wish I could say the same about number of fabrics.

    1. Yeah, because using a gym can be too big a deal sometimes.

      Thanks for reading Esther!

  2. Oh... yea.. .count your blessings...it makes you worry less!


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