Outfit: Striped.

An easy fun twist to the classic black and white outfit is stripes
Stripes are like using Uziza leaves to make your Egwusi soup, instead of the traditional Ugwu leaves.. or like using the TweetCaster app for Twitter instead of the 'Original' Twitter app that comes with your phone, or.. well, i'm sure the message has been passed.
A pop of color with some shoes or accessory is always a good idea, of course.
Shout-out to my girl Nse for taking these photos, you're the real!
Also, Thank God it's Friday!


  1. I see you've found a replacement for me. Lool! Is this the park place you talked about?

    I also think a striped shirt is very key :)


    1. Hi Cassie!

      A replacement for you? NOT POSSIBLE! NEVER EVER! :)
      This is like a small place beside the mall, not the main garden/park itself.
      Yep, stripes help a lot.

      Thanks for stopping bye girl, i really appreciate. x.

  2. Love the pop of colour with the shoes.


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