Hey hey hey..
I have been looking for jeans in this flare/bell/full bottom cut for ages, but have never had luck in getting a pair that fits right. Not too tight around the thighs/knees and proportionally balanced around the full bottom.
But miracles of all miracles, i happened upon this one in a random shop around my area. I was going to my novel seller, but i just had to buy it on the spot, unlike me, i know..
It's such a stand-out piece that it often doesn't need too much of styling. You just have to let it snatch your waist, hug your bottom and slay all your enemies.
On bottoms, i know that mine are on the large side, BUT HOLY SCHMOLLY, these pants 'showcases' the things like nothing else I've ever worn.
So if you are one to hide your curves, stay uh-way from them.
 Then we saw some nice flowers close-by and went snapping..
I've never been a flower person, but there is something about their natural colors and beauty that is calming and kind of inspiring. They re-affirm to me that life's not all bad, and that there is a God that has his hands firmly in our existence, therefore i am not alone and i should have hope.. (Deep).
Again, shout-out to Nse for the photos \o/. They are so pretty, and Nse was hysterically happy about this particular shot, i don't know what happened to her lol.


Outfit: Flare Bottom Jeans.

Hey guys.
I realized that i hadn't done a makeup post for a minute and decided to remedy that ASAP.
This brown eyed look is my new fave thing for when i want to add some sultriness to my day face.


Makeup: Matte Brown Eyes.

A woman's shoulders can be a very very sexy thing when displayed right, even more than say, blatantly-bared breasts or crassly-over-emphasized butt.
If not for my possession of shoulders that i think are too broad already and boobs that are not fashion-model small, i would LIVE in off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.
They are so feminine, flattering and very IN right now. Fashionistas everywhere are rocking and killing this style, in blouses pared with anything from jeans to pencil shirts to shorts or in dress forms.


Trend Watch: Off The Shoulder.

An easy fun twist to the classic black and white outfit is stripes
Stripes are like using Uziza leaves to make your Egwusi soup, instead of the traditional Ugwu leaves.. or like using the TweetCaster app for Twitter instead of the 'Original' Twitter app that comes with your phone, or.. well, i'm sure the message has been passed.
A pop of color with some shoes or accessory is always a good idea, of course.


Outfit: Striped.

Hi guys! 
So, not a lot has happened since my last check-in, but these constant evaluations and introspection are important not only for clarity, but also for objectivity, i think. 
Kind of like the counting your blessings or gratefulness exercises..
Here goes-
Makingnew outfits. I got tired of seeing my numerous fabrics lying around my cubicle (i.e apartment/room), and decided to haul them all to my tailor to get sewn. My wallet gauge is low and my anxiety level is high. Tailors, hairdressers, painters, electricians and i hear, mechanics are part of life's evils, let me tell you.


Taking Stock: 04.

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