SNF Favourite Things: March '16.

Hey guys!.
I'm gradually building my blogging schedule & content and since i always enjoy those Haul/Favorites videos/posts on YouTube/blogs,  plus lawd knows i'm forever trying one new thing or another, i'll be doing a 'Favourite Things' post monthly, starting from now.

  1.  Leopard print makeup purse - Thrifted
  2. Coloured Stones and crystals - From Greenmarket Square in Cape town
  3.  Murad Essential C cleanser - Gifted J
  4.  Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara - Kuddy Cosmetics 
  5. Low-shimmer nude/bronze eye shadow palette (that I use every day!) - Ushas [it’s a low-end brand you’ll find in any random beauty store in Lagos]
  6. Character ‘brown’ Lipstick in the shade EML034 – Balogun market in Lagos Island

Also, this heat in Lagos calls for the barest minimum of clothes.
If i could, that is, if i had Beyonce's body, i would be tempted to wear no clothes at all. But elephants don't fly, so...
Anyway, these days i live in these:
Olive green Linen shorts || Hammered gold bracelet I also got from Cape town || Burton Menswear White T.Shirt (tees are practically my uniform now) || White leather sandals thrifted from Vesper market || Silver watch and sunshades.
No jeans except to work and even less clothes when i'm in  my cubicle, aka, apartment.
That's it!
What are you loving, using and wearing now??

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