Outfit: Casual Blue Body Dress.

Photo by Cassie Daves
Hey Hey!
So, hallelujah, i have some outfit photos courtesy of Cassie Daves , whom i got to meet and shoot with a few days ago. Yipee!
The weather here in Lagos is now taking the absolute piss, it's ridic.
Sun hot enough to boil beans one minute,  rain PLUS steamy heat the next minute, then sun again, all with nary a cooling breeze to help. ugh.
For clothes, the easier pieces you wear, the better for you.
A-L-S-O i wanted to prove (to myself and to my androgynous-tendency critics) that yes, i can and do wear feminine things like gowns and such sometimes, body-hugging ones even, especially now that i am not especially impressed with my body :(
But Take that! belly fat!!

By the way, i am seriously searching for a permanent blog photographer based in Lagos, so if anyone knows anyone, help a sister


  1. Lol @ belly fat! It's not that bad babe

    1. Girl, it's bad please lol. Those Victoria Secrets girls, do they have two heads??

  2. Hmmm!!!seriously? See who is talking!lol....


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