Photo by Cassie Daves
Hey Hey!
So, hallelujah, i have some outfit photos courtesy of Cassie Daves , whom i got to meet and shoot with a few days ago. Yipee!
The weather here in Lagos is now taking the absolute piss, it's ridic.
Sun hot enough to boil beans one minute,  rain PLUS steamy heat the next minute, then sun again, all with nary a cooling breeze to help. ugh.
For clothes, the easier pieces you wear, the better for you.
A-L-S-O i wanted to prove (to myself and to my androgynous-tendency critics) that yes, i can and do wear feminine things like gowns and such sometimes, body-hugging ones even, especially now that i am not especially impressed with my body :(
But Take that! belly fat!!


Outfit: Casual Blue Body Dress.

Hey guys!.
I'm gradually building my blogging schedule & content and since i always enjoy those Haul/Favorites videos/posts on YouTube/blogs,  plus lawd knows i'm forever trying one new thing or another, i'll be doing a 'Favourite Things' post monthly, starting from now.


SNF Favourite Things: March '16.

Who: Kahlana Barfield Brown.
What: Fashion and Beauty Editor-At-Large for Instyle magazine
Why we love her: She's stunning, hardworking, and one of the most fashionable women ever.
Her style is bold, chic, edgy but totally relatable! A true style dream. As they say on Instagram,"Goals".
Plus, her career rise is such an inspiration to me, moving from an internship where she started to being Editor is not mere beans. You can read more about that HERE .


SNF Style Star: Kahlana Barfield Brown.

Making: quick steps towards building my personal brand SkyNotFancy. I didn't want to get sucked into waiting endlessly for things to be perfect. i just did it.


Taking Stock: 03.

Rihanna (2)
Rihanna (AKA, Mum) is on the cover of British Vogue for April 2016, and i am loving the clean, nude-ish makeup with that mean cat-eye flick on this cover, gimme, gimme!
Inside, the music star and style maven, photographed by Craig McDean, also announces and models her collaboration with footwear design label Manolo Blahnik.

Rihanna For British Vogue April 2016.

I recently played around in some brighter makeup shades in orange and bronze hues and i loved it so much!
Orange tones can be very flattering, especially on Women of Color, and i have had a couple of eye-shadow along that shade for ages, just lying fallow, so i decided to create a simple, nude orange-bronze-sunset-burst look.


MakeUp: Bronze Orange Sunset.

Hey guys! A little talk here. 
Time, experience and wisdom are the surest ways to achieve self-awareness, and i believe that knowing one's self is an important key to finding your purpose in life, and ultimately happiness.
After all this time, i believe i now have a clearer understanding of who i am and my purpose here, hence the changes that have been going on in my life.
One of such changes is the evolution/creation of what i want to (loosely) call: My Personal brand, named Sky Not Fancy.
In the words of Kevin hart, Let me explain.
The SKY sits open, majestic, bright and dynamic above ALL people, great and small, male and female, black and white, rich and poor, anybody, everybody, everywhere. It doesn’t segregate or choose who it covers, or who has access to it. It is not fussy. It is NOT FANCY.
The SKY represents life and dreams. Its physical elevated position (up/above) represents the ‘position’ of our dreams and aspirations (which EVERYONE has) - Up in our heads and hearts.
The SKY is the limit for EVERYONE and their dreams.
You can be anything, God is not choosy is whose dream he lets come true. Anyone can be anything, as long as they are alive and can see the sky when they look up.
For style and beauty, some are born with it, some learn it along the way. We can all achieve style, beauty, humour and happiness, whoever we are.
Beauty, Style, Minimalism, Edge, Dreams and artistry, not fancy. This is what i and my brand are about.
The Sky Is Not Fancy.

With that out of the way, WELCOME TO THE BEGINNING of Sky Not Fancy .
Hopefully, i'll do better at putting out good content regularly here and across all my Social Media, so pleeeaaassee follow!



New: Sky Not Fancy.

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