Taking Stock: 02.

Making: Plans for the major changes i will be making towards this blog and my personal branding in the very very near future. I have evolved a lot from when i started and it's time to show that growth. So excited!

Learning: to share my space with other people. This one is hard for me, but i had a friend recently stay with me for a few weeks, also had a very interesting conversation with another friend, and my obvious preference for having my own space all to myself was pointed out to me in a bitter pill. After this period and some deep thinking, i realize that i need to be more generous with my space. I'm learning.

Eating: Less and less carbs and junk. Because, fit-fam.

Drinking: Lemon water, still. And the weirdest thing, i had a few moments of craving beer quite strongly! and i don't drink beer. oh well.

Wasting: no time at all with all the plans I've got for my blog and others stuff. I decide quickly and act immediately. Say No To Procrastination.

Stressing: about money. Nothing new right? lol.

Watching: The Blacklist. Nice series, and it kills the boredom, so yeah.

Playing: Passenger's Let Her Go. Great song, talented band. Check them out.

Wondering: When i'll break even...

Feeling: Tired. Don't like it, but grateful and optimistic still.

How are you guys doing?

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