Hi guys!
Today's makeup look is on the dark and vampy side. 
In 2015, most thanks to Kylie Jenner, dark-brown lip colors became in again and it looks like it'll be here for a while.
As i don't currently own any deep dark brown lipsticks, i created this look by lining and filling my lips with my eyebrow pencil- Davis No.18!, after exfoliating and generously moisturizing my lips with Vaseline, of course.

I left the other parts of my face neutral with a sheer pearly finish to my lids and highlighter.

Mary kay foundation //LA Girl Pro Concealer//Black Opal Oil Absorbing Powder//MakeUp Revolution & Jordana bronzer/highlighter
Davis brow pencil//LA Girl Pro Concealer//Black Opal Sand shadow
Black Opal Peach Tree blush in crease, Sheer Satin on lids//Zaron Jazz gel liner//Mary Kay Ultimate mascara
Vaseline Jelly as primer// Davis eyebrow pencil No.18

Have a great weekend!


MakeUp: Chocolate Vampy Lips

I shot this makeup look some days back. It’s a very easy smokey-eye-with-nude-lips look, but i amped it up with the glitter below my lower lashes. ALSO, i wore LASHES! Can you see?! I felt weird with them but they made a lot of difference to the look.

Mary kay foundation //LA Girl Pro Concealer//Black Opal Oil Absorbing Powder//MakeUp Revolution & Jordana bronzer/highlighter
Davis brow pencil//LA Girl Pro Concealer//Black Opal Sand shadow
Jordana eyeshadow base//Black Opal Peach Tree blush, Sheer Satin and Port shadows in crease, lid & outer-v//Zaron Jazz gel liner//Mary Kay Ultimate mascara//L’oreal HIP Phosphorescent glitter//Artmatic lashes in Black Demi  (trimmed)
L.A Girl brown liner// Jordana Lavender Lady lipstick//Milani Bare Secret lipgloss

Err, sorry for the odd brows, i'm going through my usual re-growing-my-eye-brows phase now.


Make Up: Smokey + Glitter.

That was my first reaction to seeing the above photo of the 94 year old style icon, interior designer, textile maker and eccentric color fairy Iris Apfel.
I can't remember where i saw the photo but i remember the amazement i felt. Which is the height we should try to attain in life.
Quick summary- she is a New Yorker, became interested in trinkets and odd accessories from age 11, started her career as a Copy Editor for Women's Wear Daily, met and married her husband Carl in 1948 ('goals' or no?), he died last year at age 100 , they don't have any children because according to her, -
"I don’t believe in a child having a nanny, so it wasn’t what we were going to do, but also having children is like protocol. You’re expected to. And I don’t like to be pigeonholed".
She decorated the US White House for 9 presidents (cool, i know!), rose to fame just 9 or 10 years ago (!), has a makeup collection with MAC, an eye-wear collection with Eye-Bob, an HSN shoe line, is a Professor of Fashion at the University Of Texas, and an all-round Human of Wonder.
Some of her famous sayings include-
"Taste you can learn, but style is like charisma. You know it when you see it"
"When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else"

                                    Via Hapers Bazaar
The Ms. Iris version of yourself is what you want to be this year, from now, if your intention is to live your life fearlessly, passionately, by your own rules, while never giving up on your dreams whether you are 30 or 90.
1) You have only ONE life to live. That's it, we don't get another chance at this thing, so, live it to the best height you can. Ms Iris is the poster child for squeezing out all of life's pleasures. Those pants? sheer bliss.
2) The only rules that matter are God's rules and your own rules. Who said you cannot show yourself in public unless every single hair on your body is shaved?! Minimalist, Maximalist, Purple-haired, Luxury chef, Zen, whatever you want to be, go be it! OK? OK.
3) No such thing as 'too late'. Limits are mostly in the mind. Start now, start where you are. Ms. Iris's success came about in her 90's, how old are you now? so chill please.
Iris Apfel
                                                 Via Into The Gloss
4) 'Shining your eyes' (being observant and sharp for non-Nigerians) will bring you wisdom and save you from problems. God gave us all brains, it's up to us to use it. Iris' signature large round glasses were invented for a reason. Get yourself a pair. Figuratively and maybe literally? LOL..
dam images celebrity homes iris apfel iris apfel apartment 09 closet
                                 Via Architectural Digest
5) Ms. Iris's closet looks like where the gods and fairies could have a party, even for a neutrals gal like me, so, yeah, keep your surroundings as happy and inspiring as possible.
                                                               Carl & Iris Apfel, Couples that match glasses..
Bonus: True love makes it all better.



5 Ways To Being Iris Apfel (And The Best You) in 2016.

Photo by Couverclemedia
Hey guys! Happy new year. I hope you had a great holiday with your loved ones, and i pray 2016 brings us nothing but happiness and success.
So, last year, i discovered and read, among other things, the Taking Stock series from ThisIsEssSydney's The Daybook and a few other blogs. 
I enjoyed them a lot and they inspired me so much, and now i am starting them here! Growth, i know.
Basically, for me, these posts are a way of introspecting, self-checking, life appreciation and updates, all at once. So, yeah.
Here goes-
Making: plans and taking steps to actively pursue and hopefully fulfill some of my dreams. Before now, i wasn't one to do the cheesy New-Year-Resolution, etc, thing, but now, I've actually written down goals that i want to achieve in the short term: 6 to 12 months, with how i plan to achieve them. I left the big, 5-year, what-i-want-to-be-in-the end plans till later. Too heavy.
Eating: lighter meals, leaning toward the veggie-ish-sshy-ish. (look i'm Nigerian, Igbo, and i love my rich meals ok?). The bikini bod and clear skin that i crave will not create itself, so, cleaner eating it is.
Drinking: Lemon infused water 1 out of 2 times i drink water. I've been doing this for like 10 days now and It's super nice actually, but THE PRICE OF LEMONS IN LAGOS?!! Cue bankruptcy.
Reading: Mister Weekender and Man Repeller. Boy, if i could create such content..
Wanting: To revamp my wardrobe and learn to drive.
Playing: The brick game on my phone. I just NOW figured out that to get far in this game, you have to look at the 'future'. Like, you have to figure out where the 'future', 'incoming' bricks will be fixed before they drop on the screen, that way, you are not panicking, looking for where to place your bricks when they eventually arrive. Deep life lesson there. 
Creating: More content for this blog. I shot and wrote a lot during the holidays. I'm happy.
Watching: the 5th Season of The Walking dead. My god! Who creates these things? The BEST T.V series ever!
Liking: how the weather's been here for the past month. A nice, mild harmattan.
Rediscovering: Lady Gaga and her genius. That You & I track is on repeat. When is her next album??
Hoping: that 2016 will be a rousing success.
Thinking: new paths in life.
Feeling: Optimistic. For the first time in a long time.


Taking Stock: 01.

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