So it’s the last day of 2016, not just to add my voice to the noise but i must say that this year has been a significant one for me in more ways than i planned or hoped for at the beginning.
I’m not one for regrets or dragged-out intro/retrospection. I find it exhausting and unproductive. I believe in analyzing, learning the relevant lessons and moving forward.
It’s very important to keep moving.

I mentioned some post ago that i achieved a great deal of my goals for this year, which is more than i can say for the past few years before this one and i feel really thankful and blessed for how it went down, and determined to do better going forward.
One key blessing for me this year is clarity about my life path and purpose that God revealed to me. A lit path and a clear sense of direction make even the longest journey easier to walk, so i’m more optimistic about the future than i’ve been in a long while.

I also gained new skills and wisdom, for this i’m very grateful.

Another major blessing for me is my family being alive and well. I’m ending the year with all of them complete and even gained a new brother-in-law as my younger sister got married days ago 🙌
We traveled to the village days ago to visit extended family and for my sister’s traditional marriage. There i was able to visit my grandma after like over a year and it made us both incredibly happy. I showed a few photos of this on my Instagram @skynotfancy.
She happened to not have any photos of herself at home, so i got around to photographing her some.
Let me tell you, during the session, i wept inside. I cried because i love her and aspire to be as good a Christian as she is. I tell everyone i know that she’s the best Christian i know. Her life is all about peace with her fellow man, truth, prayer and worship of God.
Also, she’s 90 years old, so i’m more aware of her limited time with us, so i was also crying in gratefulness for still being able to see her.
Being able to take photos of her with my camera also made me emotional. When i unknowingly casually picked up photography earlier this year, i didn’t know that it will lead me to that point of importance in my family. I look like her a lot, so it was like i was seeing how i will most likely look when i’m her age lol. My mother asked me to frame one of the photos i took, in case we don’t have another chance to take other photos of her.
I told myself at that moment that i will do greater work with the camera in my hands and the brain in my head.

On lessons, we had read Habakkuk 2:2-4 a few times last year in church, and i happened to re-read the verses around this time that last year and decided to do as the verses say.
I literally wrote down my goals for this year with pen and paper. It was the first time i had seriously written down my goals like that.
I followed it up with intentional prayers and guided work and it worked in my life!
So, here's to giving thanks to God for my life this year and the belief that 2017, even as it is already looking tight and burdened with big goals and responsibilities, will be a year that will result in fulfilled purposes and unprecedented success.

Happy New Year guys. Cheers!


2016 notes: Blessings & Lessons.

Hope y’all are doing great and prepping for the holidays. I am officially done with the year and CANNOT wait to relax and enjoy the holidays.
The past few weeks up till now have been really stressful for me hence the lack of posts here.
Here’s to hoping that the remainder of the year be more restful and productive for you and me, Amen!
To the outfit, I mentioned in my last post (Taking Stock 10) that I won a N4k voucher in the KacheeTee x Twentysix giveaway, to shop from TwentySix’s website, for any item of my choice.
I chose this off-white linen kimono wrap-dress that caught my fancy. It’s minimal and easy-to-wear, which I love. The white color and wrap style makes it versatile and flattering on the body too.
One key note about this dress that i noticed when i got it, is that the type of linen used is thick and firmer than those common soft ones. The up side to this is that the top wrap part will not fly up with the littlest breeze. The dress stays put against movement and blowing breeze, so no fear of wardrobe malfunctions.☺
On my Instagram and Facebook (follow and like me please!!), I had asked whether I should style the dress with sneakers (as I am wont to do with every outfit these days), or with heels to dress it up a little, as per holiday season and all that.
Most people said sneakers, my spirit said both.
I did what any self-respective style blogger would do, I wore both.
Because single colored braids are for the weak.
Which do you prefer, sneakers or heels?
Happy holidays guys!


Outfit: Kimono Wrap Dress.

Image result for skin moisture
Photo via Google
Hey guys!
How are y'all doing? preparing for the holidays, right? Me too!
As we progress further into the season, the weather is gradually getting colder and dryer. For those of us here in Nigeria, it will be harmattan season soon and much as I LOVE the harmattan, the cold dry air can do some serious damage to the skin, lips and even hair.
Along with the pleasant sides to it, the season is also commonly rife with drier, ashier skin, brittle, dusty hair, cracked lips and for some people, sore dry throat.
If there was ever a time to pay special attention to your skin (and body, more than normal), it is now.
From my personal experience and years of professional sales and marketing of skincare products, i have learnt that the major key to keeping the skin healthy, youthful and beautiful, is moisture.
Eat it, drink it, rub it on, get that moisture in and watch your skin thrive, no matter how cold and dry it gets.
I am breaking down the things i'm using now, but let me disclaim and say that these are what i do for myself, on my skin, so please proceed with caution if your skin is sensitive or just negatively reactive to any of these items.
1. Vaseline Intensive Care lotion in Cocoa Radiant.
I love this product. A little heavy at first but it dissolves into the skin nicely, without any greasiness left on the skin and palms. The yummy cocoa butter fragrance is a nice plus. I use it all over my body, except my face, after bath.
2. Palm kernel oil.
I don't have coconut oil at the moment, so i am using this. If you are a Nigerian who grew up in Nigeria, then your mother might have used this for your skin (and a little more than required on your face for that extra oily shine that shows that your parents take good care of you 😄)and small coughs when you were little. It's a cheaper alternative to coconut oil and i like the smell too. I use this mostly in areas like my elbows, feet and bum, especially when i don't want to use Bio-Oil, and on my hair too.
3. Shea butter.
The holy grail of African skin care. No need to preach about it. I use it on my bum stretch marks, for massaging any sore muscles, for deep conditioning and moisturizing my hair and on my brows at night (i've heard it promotes hair growth and i am growing my eyebrows back out, so..).
4. Honey.
Oh honey. I use this with some lemon juice as a face mask, with olive oil to condition my hair for strength and shine, with sugar for a body and lip scrub to get rid of dried, dead flakes and for enhancing my tea to sooth sore throat.
5. Ebony & Indigo Lip Balm.
I had been using the good 'ole Chapet lip balm or Vaseline jelly on my lips for ages, but i recently got this nice lip balm from Ebony & Indigo during the GT Bank Fashion Weekend, (as i mentioned on my Instagram). It contains Shea butter and some other nice moisturizing ingredients and mint, so it keeps my lips soft, smooth and moisturized. I use it before applying lip colors, at night before bed and alone on makeup-free days. Guys, in this season, a lip balm is a must, don't skip it.
6. Bio-Oil.
I might be biased, but this product is hands-down one of the best remedies for skin dryness. It is for multiple uses but for this season, i apply it on the skin around my eyes, my elbows and feet, or all over my body if i want. I sometimes mix it with my Vaseline lotion on my palms and rub it over my skin for deep moisturizing. A good tip is to apply this alone or with your moisturizer while your skin is still wet/damp after shower, if your skin is very dry or you just need the extra moisturizing.
*you can get it from any Kuddy Cosmetics store or Shop Rite*
7. Oriflame Love Nature face toner.
So i'm not a big face toner user. Most of the affordable ones are harsh and my face HATES cotton-wool, but i got this from my neighbor who badgered me into buying it sells Oriflame products, and i found it gentle and not drying at all. It actually leaves my face moisturized and shiny after use. I use it every other day, poured on and spread with my fingers. No cotton wool in these zones.
8. Silk scarf.
For your hair, tying a silk scarf to sleep is key to protecting your edges, keeping your lengths smooth and moisturized, as well as maintaining your hairstyles. Get you one if you haven't already.

Above all these, take water seriously. As dry as our skin, nails and hair look on the outside when they lack moisture, our insides are worse. So drink and eat water and water-filled foods constantly, now more than ever. Foods like cucumbers, salads with cabbage, watermelon, those green smoothies, etc are your friends, embrace them.

Also worth mentioning is that intake of alcohol should be reduced as much as possible. Alcohol dries up the skin and body organs, so don't stress out your body even more by guzzling those wines.

That's it for me. What are you doing for skin maintenance this season? Please share any other tips or personal experience in skin care down in the comments.



Skin Care For The Dry Holiday Weather.

It's my much-talked-about birthday today and i feel a lot of things but i am not in the best place, so i'm just going to say a few things:
I am very lucky.
I have my family all alive and well, friends that can stand me, a job, a roof over my head, the ability to still hope and dream.
My sanity.
The ability to still see beauty and find pleasure in things around me.
I've not been buried, literally and figuratively.
I am still able to see reasons to be thankful to God.
These past few years have been super tough. So tough.
I am here now, ready to live the rest of my life in the best possible way.
I feel a strengthening in heart and i know that God is with me.
The strength and courage to fly, to pursue my happiness, the purpose for which i exist and to succeed.
This strength is what i pray for the most.
For this shoot, i wanted to be myself as possible, so of course i went with a plain white button-down shirt, jeans and minimal black sandals that i wore here . As if Rachel knows my heart, she lent me this black leather jacket that i would totally wear everyday if i lived in colder climes.
I felt like myself; a minimalist with a fuss-free style and kick-ass heart.

I am truly thankful for 30 years of life and counting.
Now 'imma go eat myself to stupor. Peace out!
Photography by Rachel Ola


Birthday; Thoughts, Prayers & Style.

Warning: Long post. Please bear with me.
It’s two days to my birthday and I am having the craziest mix of feelings about it all.
On my birthday wishlist post, I had mentioned how i usually feel excited at the beginning of November, what follows is that i plateau somewhere mid-month and finally plunge into the sub-zones by the birthday itself till month-end. This is generally the pattern.
But in the spirit of hope and counting blessings, let me take stock and see where I’m at. 
Making: plans for December. I have weddings to attend in the east so i’m stressing over the trip (and expenses).

Eating: ripe-but-still-strong pawpaw a lot these days. Been eating this every other day for a little over a month now, which is weird because I don’t remember ever being crazy-in-love with pawpaw before. Hmn.

Drinking: Bournvita right now. My current office is close to a Cadbury factory so every morning i perceive the glorious smell of chocolate as I come into work and so I decided to have Bournvita sometime last week. Now it’s every other day. I hadn’t had it since my childhood days and boy is it delicious! The Bournvita brand was quite strong here in Nigeria back in the day, but they slept on their marketing and Milo took over.
Lesson: Don’t take your brand building/marketing for granted. Also, don’t arrogantly assume that you have arrived so you don’t have to keep working hard to keep what you have. Success is a continuous process.

Reading: nothing right now but I am looking for a good crime novel to get into. New titles are so scarce in Lagos these days. Ugh. If anyone knows how to help me get Lee Child’s The Wanted and Second Son, please holla. I promise to give you my Christmas chicken…

Wanting: a rose-gold watch. I went nuts when I saw this Fossil one. It’s even on my wishlist. Somebody, anybody…

Looking: forward to my birthday on Saturday!

Enjoying: the This is It web series on YouTube! I am a huge TV person and somehow this show slipped by me. I remember seeing the ads on Bella Naija a few times but for some reason I never paid attention. In fact, I am now looking at other web series to follow. Apparently lots of good dramas and short films are on YouTube and it makes me a little sad to see so much talent being under-exposed due to lack of opportunities and support. Many content on the web are way more interesting than what we have on the television and the big screen right now. Shame.

Playing: Travis Green’s Made a Way. First song through my earphones on my way to work, through my day breaks and on my way back. On repeat.

Smelling: some chemical from a paint industry close by. Which reminds me that I need to buy some fragrances for myself and my apartment. One more thing to spend money on. Shoot me.

Noticing: some light fog in the mornings, signaling that harmattan might be here soon, yay! It’s my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. 🙌

Thinking: about money, also about things I want to accomplish for the next year/age. If I’m taking away one lesson from this year, it is that with some courage, intentional work and a dash of God’s favor, I can actually achieve a great deal, even if it seems impossible along the way. I might as well shoot for the stars next year.

Feeling: grateful for life. For my family, my parents are alive and healthy, my sister is doing great and is even about to marry. For my friends, they are very few but I appreciate them to no ends. For my health because I was sick something serious at the beginning and mid part of the year but I am here and I am strong.
For Ebony Olajide on Facebook. A total stranger who saw my wish-list and gifted me with a brand new 32GB memory card for my camera, which I am using now. May he find help and favor from any and everywhere all the days of his life. I won’t forget his kindness.
Also, I won a  N4000 gift voucher from KacheeTee's giveaway to shop from TwentySix.co! I was super-duper happy about this because i can now buy my 'Christmas cloth' without worries, and normally, i NEVER win anything. God is good!

Hoping: that I get in better spirits by my birthday this weekend. And that I get another thing off my wishlist!
Lastly, shout-out to Rachel who is a lovely photographer  babe I met recently. She took these photos of me and I love them! Guys, she is also a yoga and fitness aficionado with the sickest body to prove it. Check her out @rachelola and @rachelolaphotography on IG.


Taking Stock: 10.

Yaaah i used on of my Instagram Selfies
Hey guys!
Today i'm doing the 20 questions Tag
I enjoy reading them or watching them on YouTube and I think they are a great, lighthearted way to share yourself and connect with  readers as well as other bloggers.
Also if you are a blogger/YouTuber and are stuck for content ideas, there are lots of tags that you can do to keep your flow.
I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this, i basically just chose to do it because i felt like it would be fun and easy. 
I'm tagging all bloggers who read this, y'all know how it goes.
Anyway i hope you enjoy it, here goes:

1. Thing(s) you cannot leave the house without?
My wallet and Phone, because, reasons.

2. Nickname only my family calls me?
Chichi. and i HATE it when non-family members call me that. HATE IT.

3. Favorite food?
Akpu and bitter-leaf soup. Slurrrrrp. It has to be made with actual palm kernel extract and cocoyam, NOT red oil and achi. 

4. Favorite Movie?
Too many to count... South Paw, Focus, Fast & Furious (all of them), Devil Wears Prada, Olympus Has Fallen, Jack Reacher (because i read/love the books), Iris (Korean Action. bad-ass), phwew! Like i said, too many to count.

5. Favorite TV Series?
Unequivocally 'AMC's  The Walking Dead'. I like 'Black List' and some other K-Dramas too.

6. Favourite actor/musician/celebrity?
So many: Emma Stone 'cos she's odd in a great way, John Malkovich for his acting and diction, Leo Dicaprio 'cos he's a beast on screen, Melissa McCarthy, Voila Davis because duh, Jake Gyllenhaal because he's a freaking god of acting, DID YOU SEE SOUTH PAW?! , S.A's Hlomla Dandala and some others .
For music; John Legend, Tuface, Sia, Rihanna, Travis Green, Donnie McClurkin, Enya, Yanni, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Lady Gaga. When i want Naija dancing songs; Davido, Wizkid, Phyno.

7. Writer/Books?
Lee Child for Crime fiction, Judith McNaught for romance fiction.

8. Fave clothing stores?
Balogun market 😄

9. Fave perfume?
So far, Bvlgari (original).

10. Heels or flats?

11. One clothing item to wear for the rest of your life?
Black slim cotton pants. I want to say jeans but you can't wear jeans for too long before it starts burning your skin, so cotton pants.

12. Wine or Juice?
Juice please. Chivita Active in particular.

13. Weird habit of yours?
I have to rock my legs for few minutes to fall asleep. lol.

14. What's your fave moisturizer?
Pears baby lotion or Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion mixed with Coconut Oil.

15. Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yes. Soon, even.

16. Biggest pet peeve(s)?
When people don't pick up their calls or return your missed calls.

17. Most disgusting thing ever?
Sharing a bike with a strange man and getting dry-humped on our journey. I'll tell this story here one day, but ewwwwww!!

18. Any phobias?
Snakes! ugh

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
Yes oh. I once entered a car of 419 (fraudsters) people. God saved me that day.

20. Money or Love?
Love. You can always make money.

Well, that was fun, hope you learnt something new about me.

Let me ask you; What's you favorite movie and What is the most disgusting thing ever for you? Please please please tell me in the comment section. x.


Tag: 20 Questions.

How was your weekend, good? Mine was mostly good as i was able to go to the market and also attend the last day of the GT Bank Fashion Weekend that held in Victoria Island, Lagos.
I was not able to go on Saturday but i made it yesterday and it was great!
The event was put together by GT Bank to promote local enterprises, so it was a great opportunity for Nigerian based businesses to showcase their products, sell, network with other brands, customers, celebrities and the media.
Well organised, fully-packed and totally fun are what the event was yesterday and on Saturday too from what i hear.
I also saw a good  number of celebrities, bloggers and fashion folks like Cassie Daves, Akin Faminu, Zainab Balogun, Chi Gurl, Sisi Yemmie and many more. So it was good people watching.
AND THE FASHION! See, Lagos people have to be one of the most fashionable people in the world,  i tell you. They may be over-the-top some times, but there's nothing more buzzing than seeing Lagos people out in full social setting, in their fashion best. We are extra and i love it!
Unfortunately, for some reason, i  didn't do a lot of street style photographing, but i got decent photos of the happenings inside. Take a look-
GT_Bank_Fashion_Weekend_2016 GT_Bank_Fashion_Weekend_2016
These are just some of the brands that participated. 
Outside the main hall, there was a crafts village where they sold cool Adire fabrics, on-the-spot tailoring, straw hats, etc. and a food court that had ColdStone Creamery, small-chops vendors and other food people.
In front of the food court was a large picnic/family area for chilling and eating. Cool stuff.
I was at the event for like less than two hours, but it was time well spent. I enjoyed it.
Have a great week guys, may all out efforts meet success. x.


Out & About: GT Bank Fashion Weekend 2016.

Hey guys!
I'm back with another Trend Watch and today, it's all about the metallic pleaded skirts and raw, uneven hemmed jeans.
These are mega hot right now and one good part is that a little D-I-Y on any jeans you currently own will have you on your way to rocking the denim style shown here.
I'll be showing you my own creation in my next post, so look out.
As usual, i played around with some styling ideas over at Polyvore , so let's see them:
Metallic Skirt:
Nothing like being dressed in shiny clothes to put you in a festive mood, so this metallic skirt trend is right on time and on the money. Not only are these skirts decent and feminine, the metallic finish gives it some edge and a cool retro feel. Love it.
Metallic Skirt
In case you are not crazy about the popular pleated version, you can try another silhouette like Jessica Alba's or this Mango mini, if that's your thing-
Image result for metallic skirt jessica alba
Image result for metallic mini skirt
Still fabulous.
Raw, Step Hemmed Jeans:
This is my favorite of the two trends. I think it's a subtly-edgy and creative way to wear jeans, even better if you refurbish your old jeans into this.. Say no to throwing away clothes until we exhaust all style options with them.
Raw Hem Jeans
These are my faves right now. What trends are you loving at the moment?


Trend Alert: Metallic Skirts & Raw Step Hem Jeans.

Makeup Bold Purple Lip Colour Cosmetics Look
Hey guys!
I am back with another beauty-makeup post and this look is inspired by a few things:
The fall season, marked by all things darker, richer and heavier, for people in climates that have it. We don’t have it here in Nigeria. Meh.
Halloween, for people who celebrate(d) it. I don’t. We don’t do that here in Nigeria.
November, my birthday month, through-out which I will be doing the very most. In everything. * throws fur stole*
and the purple lip is one of my favorite punch-packing makeup looks that i love to rock when I’m in the mood to be an ass-kicking, happy, confident creative.
Makeup Bold Purple Lip Colour Cosmetics Look
Mary Kay Foundation| LA Girl Pro Concealer| Black Opal Finishing Powder | Kudi Cosmetics HD Powder
Black Opal 'Sand' , 'Peach Tree' blush, Makeup Revolution Eye-shadow palette| Zaron Cosmetics 'Jazz' gel liner| Random liquid liner| Mark Kay 'Ultimate' mascara| Davis brow pencil
Zaron Cosmetics 'Prune Jiuce' lip pencil| Ferrarucci FL018 Long-lasting lipgloss
Good alternatives are Zaron Cosmetics 'Duke' and Yanga Beauty's 'Purp' 
Makeup Bold Purple Lip Colour Cosmetics Look
Makeup Bold Purple Lip Colour Cosmetics Look
Makeup Bold Purple Lip Colour Cosmetics Look
Yeah, with this color on, you definitely come across as creative, bold and confident.
Also. ALSO guys, I am absolutely giddy over/proud of how these pictures came out. See, my photography-learning journey is teaching me a great life lesson. A lesson about starting what you what to do, starting now, with whatever you have, wherever you are, not waiting for anybody, just learn, practice and you can do practically anything.
I live!


MakeUp: Bold Purple Lips.

It’s that time of the year again! My favorite time of the year; The Time Before My Birthday! whooo!

It is two days less than a month to my birthday (Nov. 26th) and this is when I go haywire with dreaming of my coming birthday, wish for tonnes of stuff, disturbing God, my family and friends with what I want to do on that day, what I want to get from them, etc. Just making a huge fuss and going nuts.


2016 Birthday Wish-List, If You Love Me.

Off-The-Shoulders Striped Top Outfit Style
So… I know, I should go get an official LASTMA badge, because I must be the last person on earth to start wearing the oh-so-wonderful off-the-shoulders style style.
In my defense, I have really broad shoulders, so wide necklines are not usually my friend, as they generally make my upper chest area seem extra wide, Like a 10-lane express way. So I’ve just loved these off-the-shoulders items from a distance.
Then the strangest thing happened. I bought this fabric at Balogun market because I wanted some small stripped shift blouse and thought the fabric will do. I go to the tailor’s place and start to scroll through my phone’s massive screen shot folder to show her the style I want (Guys, who else has like one billion screen shot photos on their phone?! Mine is ridiculous!), and I happened upon a photo by the lovely Geneva of A Pair & A Spare. She’s one of my faves and she has some amazing off-the-shoulder pieces that she’s either bought or sewn featured on her blog, so I just knew I was going to go for it, mile-wide shoulders notwithstanding.


Outfit: Off-The-Shoulders Stripes.

 Hey guys!
Long time no beauty post. So, here’s one about another one of my favorite day-time glam look. 
As per my style, the look is minimal but subtly glowy and really pretty.
It’s basically a neutral eye jazzed-up with some gold eye-shadow near the lashes, paired with a light plum/berry lip that i achieved mostly with my beloved Zaron Cosmetics 'Stallion' lip liner .
This look is soft, super easy and suits practically everyone, you can try it.
I went sans lashes because the look is for day time, plus I don’t particularly love those things, so if I don’t have to, I don’t wear them.
Mary Kay Foundation| LA Girl Pro Concealer| Black Opal Finishing Powder | Kudi Cosmetics HD Powder
Black Opal 'Sand' , 'Gold' eye-shadow & 'Peach Tree' blush| Zaron Cosmetics 'Jazz' gel liner| Random liquid liner| Mark Kay 'Ultimate' mascara| Davis brow pencil
Zaron Cosmetics 'Stallion' lip pencil| Jordana 'Berry' Lipstick
Guys, i am proud to report that i am indeed getting better with my photography and editing skills, bit by bit!
I shot these photos in my room, with natural from my windows and one energy-saving bulb. 
I also edited them using the Frequency Separation technique that i am learning right now. 
It's far from perfect, but i see some improvement, which makes me very very happy.

so, you like? What's your favorite makeup look?


MakeUp: Berry Lips, Soft Face.

Photo via Unsplash
Making: headway with my budgeting and saving as i hoped i would in my last Taking Stock.
Eating: Bananas.
Reading: some news on ThisDay and posts on Man Repeller. 
Wanting: to eat the jollof rice and goat meat i spoke about in my last TS post.


Taking Stock: 09.

The Grey Edit.

You know how i love minimalism, i also now love monochromatic style too.
Monochrome might seem like an un-cool/matchy-matchy thing, but if done right, it's not.
Wearing a single color from head to toe is neat and known to be slimming too, as it visually keeps the body in a single compact line, like a straight, lean stick of Supreme chocolate-coated ice-cream. Maybe not ice-cream, in case that is not your thing (but why won't chocolatey ice-cream be your thing?! are you not human?!), but you get the point..
Also, if you are like me and have dreams of developing a personal style 'uniform', this is definitely one way to go; streamlining your wardrobe pieces to some particular hues only.

(segue, stick with me please)
'Uniform' in personal style has nothing to do with your haunting Secondary School memories and everything to do with having a signature look.


Style Inspiration: The Grey Monochrome Uniform.

Little Red Dress And Zebra Print outfit style
This is not my real face..
First of all, i have a red dress, my very first, i think, which is kind of a big deal for me, being President of the Black Outfit Forever Council, Lagos chapter.
Secondly, i was slightly faux-insulted when my friends saw me in this outfit and went oohing and ah-ahn-ing over how decent i looked. 
Guys, it's 'see finish' that has caused this, because i know that i look 'decent' most of the time. Anyway they say that a prophet is not valued in his hometown, so, wha-evurr.


Outfit: Little Red Dress & The Zebra.

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