Best of 2015. Hello 2016!

Seasons greetings to you all!
I hope you and your loved ones are in high spirits and are enjoying the holidays.

So, 2015.

I've been seeing posts online asking folks to summarize how their 2015 went, a retrospection-introspection of sorts.
For me, summarizing this year in few (faux-)profound words is very difficult if not impossible.
The year was not the greatest, to be honest. Loads of low moments, goals not achieved, long periods of self doubt and zero energy to the point where waking up daily was hard, i was the most unhealthy and unfit that i've been in a long time, etc etc.
HOWEVER, i have blessings to count. Plenty blessings, looking back now.
1) I was blessed to travel a little (went to Cape Town in August and hoping to close the year in Benin Republic yay!)
2) I purchased something i've been wanting for a long time; my new Nikon camera.
3) I wasn't sick a lot
4) I didn't lose anyone in my family
Any many more.
I'm not one to wax poetic, but i'm really grateful.
ALSO, i discovered some pleasures that blew my mind-
1) The photo website UNSPLASH . My god you guys! photography so good you'll get emotional going through them. One of the best things i happened upon this year.

2) F.U.N the music group. They are just so darn happy. Google them.
3) Instagram. Yes, Instagram . I just got on the train this year and i LOVE IT!. 
Some handles that have made it worthwhile for me are Man Repeller (The best captions), Amrezy (Have you seen her makeup?!), Things Bitches SaySarcasm OnlyKemi Adetiba & Kraks TV (for the glorious wit & hysterical laughter), and loads of other cool peeps. 
I follow only for beauty, style, photography and humor. umm, please follow me too, please..
4) James Altucher. Now i'm NOT into motivational speakers, books and things, for (not so) obvious reasons, but during one of my low moments this year, i stumbled upon James's Altucher's Daily Practice chart and it helped me a lot, from there i read more about the guy and here we are.
5) Minimalism. My new approach to life.
And some other things i can't remember now.
I am grateful for having being alive in 2015, i am looking forward to a much better 2016, and I pray that we all have happier, more fruitful lives next year!


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