Makeup: Bare Purple + 1st 2015 Ramblings & Body Issues.

Hi guys! A Happy New Year to you all. I've been away for way too long. Again.
It's good to be here, especially in this fresh brand new year 2015.
Hope you had a great holiday, i spent mine dozing (i know, i still did not get to do anything exciting like I've been planning to do for yonks, like, you know, sky-diving...) and eating, so it was OK.
Now to the makeup.

Let me say some things. I am not a makeup artist. I'm not a huge fan of the Instagram-famous Nike eyebrows 'on fleek' (eye-roll)/extreme contour & highlight/fire-fire makeup 'on fleek' (a sigh and another eye-roll). 
I am more into the clean/edgy look. 
The look i have on here is what I've been rocking of late. Clean lid, small/sharp Gary-Pepper-Girl (Google her)-esque eyeliner, mascara, clear/subtly highlighted face and in the case here, a purple lip for edge.
Face- Zaron Primer//Mary Kay Foundation//Milani Concealer// L.A Girl Pro Concealer//Sleek Contour Kit in Medium//Milani Compact Highlighter//Ponds Oil-control Powder
Brows- Davis Pencil//Zaron Brow Powder
Eyeliner & Mascara- Local Liquid Liner (the name's cleaned off)//Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Lips- Zaron Purple Lip Liner//Zaron Lipstick in Full Moon//Zaron Lipgloss in Very Berry
I am trying to get better with my photography and editing, it's been hard to do with the little-to-no proper equipment.
It's new year and all that, so i'm saying NO to waiting for the perfect situation and going ahead to do what i want to do, even though it'll be far from perfect.
Which leads me to body issues.
It's really hard to just accept oneself, body and soul, the way it is.
I look at my face in the mirror everyday and i see flawed form and scarred skin.
I apply my makeup, take photos for posting, look at them and see more flaws, get depressed and delete them all.
I've wanted to be a broadcaster all my life, but i stutter and i think my voice and speech is not good, so i doubt that dream.
And so on.
So confidence erodes, we rationalize the negativity and BS that we shouldn't, depression gets worse, faith in God and the purpose of existence shakes, dreams and the pursuit of happiness are abandoned, and zest and energy for life is lost.
But wait.
It shouldn't be this way.
I am already made. I'm not the worst. I have some beautiful qualities. I am who i am.
I think one good way to go forward is to be french about oneself, that is, effortless, accepting, romantic and chic!
I will wear makeup and post them as much as i like.
I will smile at a nice (available) man i see, if i feel like it.
I will pray and talk to God very openly without feeling inadequate.
I will wear swimsuits without crying about my stretch-marks and big thighs.
I will start a podcast and laugh as loud as i feel like without worrying about my voice not being appealing enough.
In fact, just call me Frenchie :)
So here's to me and any other person who is in this struggle. May we flourish even in our imperfections.
Let's go forth and kick butt and be happy and win.
French is the word.

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