Make-Up: Dark Lips

SO I've finally joined The Dark-Lips Coalition, and I'm loving it so far. Granted, it's not for the shy, but if rocked properly, I've found that it just pops so well and makes your face bright and nice. 
This look has gone beyond the goth, and can be classy and edgy, depending on what you use to achieve the look. I say avoid the very-matte lip colors, and go for a lightly creamy lip color instead.
Normally, it is advised to keep the rest of your face bare or minimally made-up, so as not clash heavily with the dark lip, but i say you can play around with some neutral-toned make-up around your eyes and cheeks, like some gold or bronze shadow, a bronzer, a subtle metallic or brown liner on your eyes (Like J.Lo above). The key is to make sure the look is clean and balanced.
          This is me with my dark lips. (Purple Liner- local brand/Plum Lipstick- Jackline)
It is important to line your lips with a dark liner first, to ensure that the lines of your lips are clean and not messy. 
If you don't want to invest in a dark lipstick, as it's not really an every-day look, you can get a lip pencil in any dark color of your choice, use it to line and fill your lips, and then top off with any red or deep-pink lipstick you already own, the results are very similar.

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