Hair: The New Pixie

Sooo, i am a very frustrating point with my hair right now, but i won't/can't get into that whole issue, anyway, i decided to TRY the much-raved-about pixie hairstyle, despite my dread and trepidation. I wasn't sure it'll suit my face, or that i won't end up looking masculine, etc *sigh.
Here it is *covers eyes*-
 I dislike black hair, and can't even remember ever wearing it, hence my choice of mixing in the red. 
*opens eyes*.
Whether i like it or not, i already made the hair, so i must wear it, for at least two weeks, and in that time i hope i come to like it because right now i feel so weird with the style as i'm used to long(ish) lengths.
BTW, about the crazy eyebrows, i'm growing them out back to their full state, i do this every other time, to shape them better afterwards...


  1. it doesn't look that bad my dear. better than u made it out to be infact, lool.
    Very pretty IMO

  2. Thanks Barbara :)



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