Yvonne Nwosu Serves Thighs In Vonne Dress. Yes Or Kick It?

Fashion Designer Yvonne Nwosu rocked this thigh-baring slinky number from her own line Vonne Couture to the recently held Y!Naija Black Ball 2012 this past Sunday 16th December 2012. You Like?
For me, her hair and makeup are 1000% perfect!, and so are her sandals. Her dress is very flattering, but the length of the slit made it indecent. If the slit stopped even 5 inches lower, i would have been able to pass it, but this is indecent.
She's a fine lady anyway.
What do y'all think?


  1. The slit is too high It makes her look vulgar! x

  2. Exactly Demmy! a pity cos this is the best she's looked ever, and that slit just marred what would have been a slam-dunk for her. Thanks for stopping by :)


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