MakeUp: Gel Eyeliner + The Classic Pin-Up

So i'm a typical eyeliner girl any day, anytime, like if i had to wear just one makeup item in my life, it would be the eyeliner, but there is no type/brand of eyeliner that I've not tried, just to be smudge-proof all day long. The pencil i love, but runs. The liquid eyeliner i like, but i find too stiff. 
Now let me tell you my fellow eyeliner-wearing debutantes and dowagers, i have found The One. The Gel eyeliner-
This thing here is truly great. It dries well, stays on all day, NO SMUDGING and looks nice. This particular kit comes with two colors and two application brushes- one for drawing, the other for blending and smudging if you want.
I have seen Maybelline and Nicka-K versions here in Naija, so you can look around for it. My own is a drug store variety (i have for sale at N1000, contact me if you want it).
 I used it for this classic pin-up/Chic Muse inspired makeup.(i love blogger Chic Muse spin on the cat eye, she doesn't flip the ends up, she just draws it at a straight line up. Mine is a toned-down version of course)
The eyes...
I love it!
Primer- Kuddy Cosmetics
Concealer- Mary Kay
Powder- Mary Kay
Lips- Cover Girl  
Caution: The gel liner takes more effort to clean off than the pencils or liquid liners, so... 

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