Naomi Campbell's Shocking Bald Hairline. The Downside Of Weave Addiction

Naomi Campbell, Super-super-superest model, weave and lace wig enthusiast, i ask you, Why did you let those doggoned weaves and lace wigs chase your defenseless hair sooo faraway from their natural battle beauty line, aka hairline?

A textbook case of weave/lace wig addiction wreckage.
I mean, i love my weaves (and braids) as much as the next long-luxurious-hair-challenged woman, but i love my natural hair MUCH more.
Ladies, simply ease-up on the pressure put on our precious natural hairs, that way, we save our hair, hairline, scalp, peace of mind, and money spent on aspirin and magical hair growth treatments.
*patting own hairline*

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