Casual Sunday Maxy Dress

Dress: Old Navy
Gold Sandals: Topshop
Studded Brown Leather Purse: Random 
Gold Watch: Omega
Gold Chain, Ring & Bead Bracelet: Random
I am usually so lazy about going out because i do too much commuting during workdays, so i basically just sleep through the weekend, but this past Sunday, i forced myself to leave my house and take a stroll.  Wearing a dress is my answer to those days when you don't want to 'deck up'. As Marc Jacob said- "...Wear a dress, at least you are dressed", hence my choice of this easy Aztec-like print maxy-ish jersey dress, paired with subtle gold accessories. Easy and casual.
My stroll took me to The Social Place in Victoria Island where Mariam of MorsiPR was organizing the My Style Factory event. It was good.
Me and Mariam
S.N- This is kinda like my first 'outfit post', but i'm a newbie in this posing business, plus the camera i used is just toy through and through, so pardon the photo quality. cheers!

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