Photo: Stephanie Okereke Idahosa

The House Of Dereon fashion label owned by queen Beyonce and her mama Tina Knowles is out with a new collection for the Fall season of 2012. Check it out-

S.N- this Asia model by the right looks like she can kick some MAJOR butt! Fierce!

House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
House of Dereon Fall 2012
This collection is waaaaay better than the previous ones from the label, and there are many wearable pieces here. It's o.k.
Photo Source- Necolebitchie


Beyonce For House Of Dereon Fall 2012 Collection

Dress: Old Navy
Gold Sandals: Topshop
Studded Brown Leather Purse: Random 
Gold Watch: Omega
Gold Chain, Ring & Bead Bracelet: Random
I am usually so lazy about going out because i do too much commuting during workdays, so i basically just sleep through the weekend, but this past Sunday, i forced myself to leave my house and take a stroll.  Wearing a dress is my answer to those days when you don't want to 'deck up'. As Marc Jacob said- "...Wear a dress, at least you are dressed", hence my choice of this easy Aztec-like print maxy-ish jersey dress, paired with subtle gold accessories. Easy and casual.
My stroll took me to The Social Place in Victoria Island where Mariam of MorsiPR was organizing the My Style Factory event. It was good.
Me and Mariam
S.N- This is kinda like my first 'outfit post', but i'm a newbie in this posing business, plus the camera i used is just toy through and through, so pardon the photo quality. cheers!


Casual Sunday Maxy Dress

POPS Concepts presents the first Lagos MakeUp Fair (LMUF) which debuts 8th September, 2012. 
The Lagos MakeUp Fair is coming after a successful Abuja MakeUp Fair (AMUF) which took place 5th May, 2012.
AMUF is the first in the series of The MakeUp Fair which is designed to hold in several cities. 

The MakeUp Fair is intended to give makeup and beauty professionals a great platform from which to conclude business with attendees/visitors by showcasing and demonstrating their products thereby attracting potential customers.
Date: 8th September 2012
Time: 10am to 7pm
Venue: Our Place, at No7, Olufunmilola Okikilolu street, off Totin street, Ikeja, Lagos.

For information on exhibitors' stand bookings, fees and other details go to the Lagos MakeUp Fair Website
Contact: 0803 786 2333, 0807 269 0300.
Email: info@lagosmakeupfair.com
Twitter: @themakeupfair
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lagosmakeupfair

Don't miss this great opportunity for Shopping, fun, and make-overs!. Admission is free!


Event: The Lagos MakeUp Fair September 2012.

Super cool, Super talented musician Janelle monae is the new face of CoverGirl Cosmetics, yay!
Miss Monae, who is known not only for her impressive musical talent, but also for her signature beautiful natural hair (yeah, she was 'natural' waaaay before y'all woke-up to the trend), well-groomed eyebrows, chic minimalist/androgynous style and fierce brogues , is undoubtedly a perfect choice for CoverGirl. That flawless skin is everything!.
A 10-page photo-spread of Jannelle Monae's CoverGirl ad will debut in Vogue U.S, the September issue.
janelle monae COVERGIRL 1
*deep sigh* Listen, the lord blessed her skin, just..look at the perfection. No crazy ratchetery-inspired  hair/make-up/clothes/stupid tattoos, just pure elegant classic beauty.
Janelle Monae New Face of Covergirl
L.O.V.E I.T!
S.N- Those CoverGirl people get it right in choosing their brand ambassadors, from Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks, Sofia Vergara, to Ellen DeGeneres, they know what they are doing.  


Janelle Monae Is The New Face Of CoverGirl!

I saw this photo of singer Monica Brown over at NecoleBitchie's, and i had a good fashion moment right there. This look is just IT on many levels, The all-white jeans and tank outfit, given life with that comfy-but-edgy military green jacket and those super-cute Adidas sneakers. Love it.
A white outfit can be as versatile as a black one, it's all in the way you accessorize.


Photo: Singer Monica' s White Jeans and Green Ensemble

Naomi Campbell, Super-super-superest model, weave and lace wig enthusiast, i ask you, Why did you let those doggoned weaves and lace wigs chase your defenseless hair sooo faraway from their natural battle beauty line, aka hairline?

A textbook case of weave/lace wig addiction wreckage.
I mean, i love my weaves (and braids) as much as the next long-luxurious-hair-challenged woman, but i love my natural hair MUCH more.
Ladies, simply ease-up on the pressure put on our precious natural hairs, that way, we save our hair, hairline, scalp, peace of mind, and money spent on aspirin and magical hair growth treatments.
*patting own hairline*

Naomi Campbell's Shocking Bald Hairline. The Downside Of Weave Addiction

Lady Gaga is hitting it interesting and beautiful on the cover of Vogue US, September 2012, in a couture gown by Marc Jacobs, and some wild hairs. It's Lady Gaga, so we get it.
Gorgeous face.
P.S- let me use this opportunity to tell our magazine editors and producers in Nigeria to puleez step up their game in terms of getting out their magazines on time.August issues of our magazines here are just coming out, some will be getting to the vendors by next week even. too bad. My money would have been exhausted buying the September issue of foreign mags before the August issue of the Nigerian ones come out...


Cover: Lady Gaga For Vogue U.S September 2012.

So i did some teeeeny weeeeny purchases last week just by chance (kind of). Forget fancy shoes, every girl needs little basic items in her wardrobe, like the simple basic black/blue jeans, a black dress, a black pump,  flattering comfortable flats, and such, hence my purchase of a black and striped flat shoes. The nude sandals and red purse were just welcome additions.
It happened to have gold chain link with some tassel details. sweet.
striped comfort to jazz up my jeans, and also a great option to sneakers. win.
just lovely


New Buys.

KatyPerryElle Katy Perry Covers Elle US September 2012 Issue
It's Katy Perry on the latest issue of Elle U.S, September 2012, looking radiant and edgy in a pink dress, blue hair, and fierce smoky eyes.
KatyPerryElle02 Katy Perry Covers Elle US September 2012 Issue
KatyPerryElle03 Katy Perry Covers Elle US September 2012 Issue
Photo Source- fashiongonerouge.com

Cover: Katy Perry For Elle U.S, September 2012.

Top African fabric brand Vlisco is out with  a brand new collection themed- The Funky Grooves Collection. Take a look-

Let me say this, at first sight, i'm not over-the-moon-amazed by this particular collection from Vlisco. I might get impressed if i get a better up-close look at them *justsaying*


Vlisco Presents- The Funky Grooves Collection.

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