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A woman's closet is a very important part of her home. This is why our mums have boxes and boxes of clothes and closet space, while our dads are squeezed into whatever corner is left, lol.
I've always had a clear idea of what my closet will be like, if i had no cash or space limitations, but at the moment, i'm neither rich, nor do i have my own self-built/designed/bought house and closet, so for now, i just admire and dream of perfect closets.
The perfect clothes closet for me, Structured, but with the center column for special things and nick-knacks-

The greatest shoe-rack idea ever! a nice fancy vintage-y hutch to preserve and beautifully display your shoes- 

The 'classic' shoe rack. Efficient and neat. *Just be ready to dust regularly*-
For people with the space, and of course, THE MONEY, you go big, walk-in, and fabulous!

For Jewelry, accessories, pins, etc, a pretty 'plate' is a unique and beautiful idea *all long as you don't have kids around who'll think that the plates are to be used for eating, and your pretty earrings are candies, lol*

Sunglasses, jewelry, etc...

For those who lack space, and dislike clutter, A.K.A me, this is the closet for US...Until we get our dream houses with our dream walk-in closets-

          Photos via- Google, 
The key to having the best, most efficient closet is to-
1.De-clutter. I know, i know, with so many hot clothes out there...what can we ladies do?. but the truth is that, you can only wear so much clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, so, don't hoard everything, Diva!
2. Buy pieces that suit your body, that you really really really love, and of course, that can be worn in different ways.
But hey, what do i know?, maybe if i were as rich as Kimora Lee Simmons, i would have her closet too...

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  1. Gorgeous! Love these closets! especially the first one, it is my dream!


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