Introducing- B.O.M magazine by Eni Balogun

Top Nigerian/international make-up artist and brain behind Lise Makeovers- Eni Balogun is taking a huge step into publishing, coming out with a glossy beauty magazine- Beauty Overdose Magazine (B.O.M). Rapper, model and Ex-MBGN Muna is the cover girl of the very first edition of the magazine, beautifully styled and made-up in a bold Egyptian Queen inspired look.

Well, i'm a magazine lover as you all know by now, and a lot of the magazines here are just so...boooring (said with an Indian accent...lol), i find it hard to actually buy and keep them, but i know my Nigerian women, so i expect that with time, we'll get our own Elle, Instyle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc, or its equivalent. I'll reserve my judgement on B.O.M till i buy a copy.

Eni Balogun

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