Lady Gaga rocking new looks: chic and 'normal'.

Well, i'm not really a fan of Lady Gaga's (she's too extreme for me), and on a normal day, i just don't feel her, but that she has style is unarguable. So after year and years of horror and mayhem (Gaga's fashion), she's showing the world this chic side of her style, and i say THANK GOD and LOVE IT. From hair to make up to the outfits, she's just doing so good (i'm even digging the gloves). Her style is now chic and understandable, but with Gaga's signature edge.

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  1. Gosh these outfits are relatively normal for gaga! I like the pink with the black skirt! I can't say i've ever found one of her outfits I could see myself in!



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