Cover: Fashion magazines, November 2011.

I don't really know why, but I've always been fascinated by magazine covers, sometimes more than the content. I  believe that the cover of any magazine is its highest selling point, so the finer, glossier and more breath-taking a magazine cover is, the better. In Nigeria here, our local magazines are still going strong about using celebrities on their covers, which works sometimes, but some other times fall a little..er, well, flat. Anyway, this post is about magazine covers that i think are just amazing for November, both local and international:

portada <em>Elle Mexico</em> November 2011 Cover | Daniela Mirzac by Santiago Ruisenor
Model Daniela Mirzac for Elle Mexico, November 2011. i'm in total awe. this has gotta be the best cover I've seen in a long long time. The color combo, dress, hair...everything. Just perfect.

0ba2b 1edited Gwen Stefani for InStyle Magazine November 2011 news
Gwen Stefani for Instyle (U.S). No need to say anything. She's cool.
d655d 2 Gwen Stefani for InStyle Magazine November 2011 news
I know i said 'Cover', but i couldn't resist this photo.

Stephanie Okereke for Complete Fashion magazine. It's edgy and clean, i love it (she's an actress and producer from Nigeria FYI). The hair is IT for me, *but i'm not sure i get that blue eye-shadow*. very good

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