Hey guys! It’s been a minute here but i’m back today with a style post ft. one of my oldest and dearest clothing items: this olive green cargo jacket.
As a minimalist, i’m all about simple pieces that is decent quality, can survive long wear and is versatile enough to be paired with various other pieces. This Olive Cargo jacket is at least six or seven years old, can’t remember for sure but it’s still holding up well.
Also, cargo jackets are easy pieces that give you layering options and of course, coverage , without trying too hard. They are like the chiller sister to denim or suit jackets.

I styled it here in a classic casual way, pairing with black skinny jeans (NO, I FINALLY GOT A NEW PAIR, DON'T WORRY J), a cropped white tank and my simple black heels. I added the gold accessories to compliment the olive color, as well as the gold(ish) zipper on the jacket.

Sidenote – I seem to have suddenly found love for crop tops, which is odd, because mans getting old, plus, my belly and waist are not cute at the moment /anymore so i should be camouflaging them, right? hahahaha neverrrr!

Anyway, I’ll be styling this jacket in another outfit soon, so stay tuned for that.

What is the oldest clothing item you own and how long have you had it? Share in the comments!


Olive Green Cargo Jacket.

 Hello guys! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend?
I'm just chilling and taking care of myself, especially my skin, which has gone though a lot in these recent weeks.
One way i tackle my skin is with clay masks. Bentonite clay masks, specifically.

Bentonite clay is known to be very effective in caring for oily skin, especially for clearing out and tightening large pores, which is my biggest skin issue.
When activated with other ingredients such as water or apple cider vinegar, it bonds together and act as a magnet/sponge to draw out toxins and excess sebum that clog pores.

This particular clay is known to also help balance out excess oil on the skin, with drying out or irritating the skin.

Now to my D.I.Y face mask.
I put some bentonite clay, with about one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of water, all in a small plastic container, mixing it into a paste with a plastic stick or spatula.
Then i apply the mixed clay all over my face, making sure to cover all the spots that i have very large pores and acne.
I leave on the mask for about 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.
I immediately follow this up with some toner and moisturizer.
Very simple to make, leaving the skin calm and soothed, with reduced oil levels and smaller pore sizes.

I use this mask about one to two times a week and it has helped my pores and skin texture significantly.

You can watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel
Thanks for reading guys. Have you tried this mask? Please share your experience in the comments!


Skin Care: D.I.Y Bentonite Clay Face mask For Oily Skin.

Hello everyone! So my current mental mood aboard and color crush of the moment is cobalt blue. Not any other shade of blue, cobalt.
This rich blue shade reminiscent of the blue Moroccan city of Chechaouen, is so stunning and bold and since i’m not about to go change my wardrobe to cobalt, i did the next best thing, wear it on my face!
Enter, cobalt blue eyeliner.
The inspiration
I created this simple, editorial-but-still-wearable, minimal makeup look, keeping my face neutral and leaving the eyes to pop with the cobalt eyeliner. I also found that orange and cobalt is such a stunning combination, so i made sure to base my eyelids with some matte orange eye-shadow to help the blue stand out more.
Simple looks like these are such a gem, almost anyone can do it and pull it off. Just do a clean base, pop some bright-colored liner on your eyes and voila.

Also, in case you are afraid of eye-shadows or your makeup application skills are not yet 100%, this is a cool, easy way to incorporate fun colors into your makeup looks without the Instagram-level face beat.

I hope you like this look, see you in my next post!


Makeup: Cobalt Blue Eyeliner.

Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing well. If you’ve following me here for a while (and on Instagram too!) you’d know how much  i love the Zaron Cosmetics brand and stan hard for their products, especially the color products like the lip pencils, eye-shadows, and such.
Verdict is still out on their foundations and concealers. 

As of now, i own about nine Zaron lip pencils and one eye liner, and i’m still collecting. These pencils are so worth every affordable penny they are worth – N1,100.
They come in wide variety of colours, well pigmented, soft, easy- to-apply and versatile, as they are rich enough to be used on both the lips as well as eyes. 

Now of all the colors i have in my collection, the one that gets the least amount of use is the ‘Fussy Fushia’ shade. Pink is not a fave color of mine, even though looking at these photos, they look so good!
I used the pink pencil as an overall lip color and popped it along my bottom lash line to tie the look together.  This is an easy, understated way to wear bright colors if you’re team no-bright-colors like me.
A little tip about wearing bright colors like this pink is to keep the rest of the face as clean as possible, to avoid looking clownish.
This is a Nigerian brand and their products are available online via their website, as well as in Zaron Cosmetics outlets and other makeup retailers.

See you in my next post!


Makeup: Pink ft. Zaron Cosmetics Fussy Fushia Lip Pencil.

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