Hey guys! Happy new year and welcome back here. We are kicking off with a simple style post featuring this minimalist black and tan outfit.

In case you missed it and in case you are yet to see any of my recent YouTube videos, i am minimalist. I’ve been for a long time now and will be for a very long time to come.
One of the most efficient ways to be minimalist in your style is to decide what colors and cut of outfits best suits your body, personality, lifestyle and general aesthetic.

For me, I’ve come to know that structured, easy and not-too-feminine outfits in neutral shades are my preferred style and aesthetic, so I’ve been enjoying styling myself in that way.
Another key tip in style minimalism is the intentional curating of wardrobe basics like a good pair of well-fitted pants and a comfortable top like this knitted black shirt I got from my last thrift haul (see it here). I have also styled it with my black Mango pants, (see it here) so it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I own right now.

Easy outfits like this are flattering and can be worn by almost anyone.
I am enjoying gradually curating my wardrobe with intentional pieces that suit my personal style, so look out for my wardrobe makeover video:).

What's your personal style? Let me know in the comments!


Style: Minimalist Black & Tan Outfit.

Hello guys and happy holidays! I hope you are happy and celebrating already. I am not but my makeup sure is 😁

I created this minimalist holiday  makeup look, featuring the requisite glitter and red lips, but in a simple wearable and achievable way.
I used a glitter eyeliner instead of dealing with tons of gritty glitter, glue and messiness.
The red lips are a fave of mine, if you know me, so i was happy to indulge.
This are happy times, so let your makeup reflect  it, whether you're out and about to some party, event, dinner, etc. or you're firmly deposited on the couch like me.

I'll be posting an alternative makeup look for the season next. Stay tuned!

Watch the full video tutorial via my Youtube channel.



Minimalist holiday makeup.

Hey babes, it’s my birthday today whoop whoop!

I don’t have much to say other than thanks.
To God, my family, friends and other well-wishers.

No, I’m not celebrating, not even with a shower (yet. I’ll get to that later J), I’m just sitting at home, chilling, working and sleeping, as usual.
Anyway, that’s the post.

P.S. – I’ll still be collecting gifts even after today, so see my 2019 wish-list and gift me something, ok?


Birthday 2019.

Hello babes, today's post is all about black, monochrome style.
Now my fashions have be a little uninspired for the most part of the year and i got distracted from my visions of a perfectly curated, minimalist, effortlessly, clean, chic and neutral wardrobe, thanks to my renewed passion for real FA-SHUNs, 2018-2019 being the era of designer frenzy, all two seasons of fashion weeks worldwide including Lagos and everything online really.

In the spirit of being intentional and minimalist, i have started re-studying my style and wardrobe, to see what i think and feel now and then i will gradually rebuild my wardrobe, which is an exciting project that I am looking forward to.

One major constant in my style has been the all-black ensemble.
Sleek, easy-to-wear, universally flattering and clean, black outfits are the very foundation of my sartorial heart and i can’t get enough. Whether worn together with another color or alone in a monochromatic look, black just works.

I wore my thrifted black knit top, paired with these high-waisted Mango pants that have become my one go-to pants, and clear sandals. The camel hat was an unplanned piece that I thought of last minute and borrowed from my friend, but it still worked out beautifully. The power of neutrals.
Monochromatic style is easy to pull-off by almost anyone and very flattering too, as it helps streamline the body silhouette and renders you in a single, continuous stylish column. I look practically 7-feet tall in this 😃
In case black is not your color, you can apply the same concept to other colors, rocking a single shade from head to toe or pairing different shades of the same color.

That’s my case for black monochromatic outfits. 


P.S, ICYMI, i posted my birthday wishlist for this year, go here to take a look.


Black Monochrome Style.

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